OSRS Wilderness Slayer Guide

Wilderness Slayer in OSRS is one of the best methods to gain slayer points in a fast and efficient manner. It rivals even methods such as Turael Skipping, when done efficiently with a good block list and using points to skip longer tasks. It is also beneficial as its streak system is independent to regular slayer training , meaning you do not need to reset your slayer streaks for this method. Players can expect hourly slayer points to exceed 300 per hour. Although, this can vary depending on your gear, equipment, teleports, block list and engagement levels.

If players are looking to invest a significant chunk of time into wilderness slayer, then it is recommended for players to remove boss tasks and the ability to be assigned aviansies as a slayer task. As these types of tasks will significantly impact your points per hour in a negative way. However, if you plan to hunt pets further down the line, then leaving boss tasks turned on may still be viable, as it will allow you to kill wilderness bosses such as Callisto, Vet’ion, Venenatis and others.

For efficiency, switch the craws bow for a blowpipe on the following tasks; Ice Warrior, Earth Warrior, Chaos Druid, Dark Warrior, Magic Axes and Rogues.

Blocked Tasks

Having a block task list that is tailored to the type of tasks Krystilia the wilderness slayer boss can assign is very beneficial. Blocking these tasks will drastically increase points per hour. Some noteable tasks to block include the following:

Skip Tasks

Skipping tasks can also turn out to be more slayer points per hour in the long run. For this reason it is advised to skip the following tasks unless you already have them blocked:

Gear Setup for Wildy Slayer

osrs wilderness slayer gear setup
Wilderness Slayer Gear Setup

The following items will prove useful for a range of commonly assigned wilderness slayer tasks:

  • Wilderness Sword
  • Lockpick
  • Dark crab teleports
  • Rev Cave teleports and/or Annakarl tablets
  • Duelling rings
  • Super Anti-fire
  • Burning Amulets

The uses for these additional items can be found with their associated monsters in the drop down below. Furthermore, a Max Cape can be beneficial in place of the Ava’s, as it provides unlimited teleports to useful places, mainly the PoH.

Monster Locations

Below you can find the best locations to fight monsters you may be assigned while doing wilderness slayer.

Ankous can be found in the Wilderness Slayer Cave. Use a Burning Amulet or Chaos Temple teleport to get there.

osrs ankou location
Ankou Location

Bandits in the wilderness can be found at the Bandit camp, which is in level 23 wilderness. Use a Burning Amulet to teleport to the Bandit Camp area.

osrs bandit camp location
Bandits Location

Bears are located north of Edgeville past the Wizards. There are 3 spawns, stay between the trees so the bears don’t hit you. Also, hop from world to world.

osrs wilderness bears location
Bears Location

Super anti-fire or better is required when killing black dragons. To get to the area, use a chaos temple/dark crab teleport or use a burning amulet.

osrs wilderness black dragons
Black Dragons Location

To reach the black knights, use a Dark Crab teleport then run south-west.

osrs black knights location
Black Dragons Location

To reach the Chaos Druid location in the wilderness, use a Paddewwa Teleport to Edgeville Dungeon or run to the trapdoor entrance south of edgeville.

osrs chaos druids location
Chaos Druids Location

To reach the Dark Warriors location in the wilderness, teleport to edgeville then run north-west to the castle in level 15 wilderness.

osrs black knights wilderness slayer location
Dark Warriors Location

To reach the Earth Warrior location in the wilderness, use a Paddewwa Teleport to Edgeville Dungeon.

osrs earth warriors wilderness slayer location
Earth Warriors Location

To reach the Ents location in the wilderness, use a Games necklace to Corp, kill the ents outside the cave and hop worlds for faster kills.

osrs ents wilderness slayer location
Ents Location

To reach the Green Dragons location in the wilderness, use a Burning amulet to Chaos temple, run north east to the dungeon then east. Remember to bring antifire protection of some sort.

osrs green dragons wilderness slayer location
Green Dragons Location

To reach the Hellhounds location in the wilderness, use a Burning amulet to Chaos temple, run north east to the dungeon then east past green dragons.

osrs hellhounds wilderness slayer location
Hellhounds Location

To reach the Hill Giants location in the wilderness, use the Edgeville lever and run north, through the web then all the way west to the deep wilderness dungeon.

osrs hill giants wilderness slayer location
Hill Giants Location

To reach the Ice Giants location in the wilderness, use a burning amulet teleport to the chaos temple, then run northeast to slayer cave then west when you enter.

osrs ice giants wilderness slayer location
Ice Giants Location

To reach the Ice Warriors location in the wilderness, use a Ghorrock teleport or PoH Obelisk to level 42 wilderness then run west.

osrs ice warriors wilderness slayer location
Ice Warriors Location

To reach the Lesser Demons location in the wilderness, use a burning amulet to the Chaos Temple and run north west to wildy slayer cave.

osrs lesser demons wilderness slayer location
Lesser Demons Location

To reach the Magic Axes location in the wilderness, pull the lever south of edgeville bank to teleport to the deep wilderness. Then run north-east to the magic axe hut, directly opposite the deep wilderness resource area. To do this you will need a lockpick to enter the hut and slash item for the web.

osrs magic axes wilderness slayer location
Magic Axes Location

To reach the Mammoths location in the wilderness, take an Obelisk to 13 wilderness or use a Ferox Enclave teleport.

osrs mammoths wilderness slayer location
Mammoths Location

To reach the Pirates location in the wilderness, either use an Ice plateau teleport or run from Edgeville lever. Remember to bring a lockpick.

osrs pirates slayer location
Pirates Location

To reach the Rogues location in the wilderness, use an Obelisk to level 50 wilderness then run west slightly.

osrs rogues wilderness slayer location
Rogues Location

To reach the Scorpions location in the wilderness, use the edgeville Lever teleport and run to Scorpia pit. Bring a knife, wildy sword or other slash weapon for cutting the web. Kill the small ones inside the Scorpia Dungeon, with a cannon for speed.

osrs scorpions wilderness slayer location
Scorpions Location

To reach the Skeletons location in the wilderness, teleport to Edgeville, then run north across the wilderness entrance then slightly north-west to level 9 wilderness.

osrs skeletons wilderness slayer location
Skeletons Location

To reach the Spiders location in the wilderness, use a rev cave teleport or ride the wooden canoe, then run north. The area is just north of the Black Chinchompa hunting area.

osrs spiders wilderness slayer location
Spiders Location

To reach the Zombies location in the wilderness, use a Carrallangar Teleport or teleport to the Ferox Enclave then run north through the barrier.

osrs zombies wilderness slayer location
Zombies Location