OSRS Abyssal Whip

The Abyssal Whip is one of the best attack training weapons in OSRS and a truly iconic weapon. For years it has been a stand out item, mainly for mid-to-high tier combat scenarios such as slayer training. It requires a minimum of level 70 attack to equip. It is one of the strongest non-degradable, 4-tick melee weapons, only really being surpassed by the likes of the Ghrazi Rapier, Inquisitors Mace and Blade of Saeldor.

The Abyssal Whip is a rare drop, obtained by killing Abyssal Demons. However, you can also obtain the item from an unsired, which are obtained by killing the Abyssal Sire on an abby demon slayer task.

Abyssal Whip Stats

OSRS Abyssal Whip Stats
Abyssal Whip Stats

Upgrading the Whips stats

A Kraken Tentacle can be added to the Abyssal whip to form the Abyssal Tentacle Whip. The tent whip requires 75 attack, but has +8 more slash and +4 strength bonus over the standard whip. When added to the whip the whip will be consumed and this can not be reverted. You will get 10,000 charges with the tentacle whip, once used the player will keep the kraken tentacle but the whip will be destroyed.

Special Attack

At the cost of 50% of the players special attack energy you can use the energy drain special. This special increases the accuracy of the whip by 25%. Additionally, if used in a pvp situation, then 10% of the targets run energy will be transferred to the player who used the special attack.

OSRS Abyssal Whip special attack
Abyssal Whip special attack

Uses for Abyssal Whip – where is it good?

The Abyssal Whip is especially strong against monsters that are weak to slash-based attacks. It is also a good weapon to have against any type of monster that has low defensive stats in general. It’s biggest use is for training slayer with melee based combat and is a staple among many budget setups.

Once you progress to a higher bank value you may want to move on to items such as the Ghrazi Rapier. But for mid-tier players or players on a budget this is the perfect versatile melee weapon, for everyday use.

Is the Abyssal Whip worth it?

Yes, the abyssal whip should be in just about every mid-to-high level players bank. As soon as you have the attack level and gold this is a must buy. The reason for this is it has super high usability, it can be used at a wide variety of places as a reliable and powerful one-handed melee weapon.

The whip is not a very rare item, since they come predominately from Abyssal Demons, which are killed by the thousands each day. Meaning the item holds a consistently low value, making it very obtainable even for the average player.