OSRS Ghrazi Rapier

The Ghrazi Rapier is the best on-handed stab weapon currently in the game. It requires an attack level of at least 80 to equip. It is tied with the Blade of Saeldor and Inquisitor’s Mace in terms of damage output for general use. Making it one of the best strength training weapons in the game.

Rapier Stats

osrs Ghrazi Rapier stats
Ghrazi Rapier stats

Does the Rapier have a special attack?

No, the rapier does not have a special attack.

Is the Ghrazi Rapier worth it?

The rapier is worth it if you already have a relatively large bank value. As it is currently one the best stab weapons in the game. However, the abyssal whip provides a good alternative for a fraction of the price. Without noticing too big of a difference if it is purely for slayer and other low to mid level pvm interactions.

Additionally, it is good for players still training the attack skill. As it is one of the best weapons for attack training in the game right now.

osrs Ghrazi Rapier attack animation
Ghrazi Rapier attack animation

The item also has very niche uses when it comes to high-level pvm such as bossing. As on large monsters the Scythe will almost always out-perform it. Additionally, high defence NPC’s the Osmumten’s Fang will perform better.

Uses for the Rapier – where is it good?

The Rapier has a wide variety of applications in OSRS. It performs well just about everywhere that you can expect to use melee in oldschool. Although, it is most commonly used as a slayer training weapon. It has niche uses in raids such as at demi-bosses like Vasa and Nylo. Moreover, players will often use it for melee-based God Wars Dungeon bosses such as Bandos and Zammy. It even has some usability at places such as Nex.