OSRS Blade of Saeldor

The Blade of Saeldor is the best one-handed slash weapon in the game. Providing a similar amount of damage to the Ghrazi Rapier and Inquisitors mace, only this time the weapon benefits slash attacks. It requires a minimum of level 80 attack to equip.

How to create the Blade of Saeldor?

The blade is created by using 100 crystal shards and an enhanced crystal weapon seed on a singing bowl. To do this you will need a minimum of level 82 smithing and crafting. When successfully made you will also receive 5,000 crafting and smithing experience. The enhanced crystal weapon seed can only be obtained from killing the gauntlet or corrupted gauntlet.

Blade of Saeldor Stats

OSRS Blade of Saeldor stats
Blade of Saeldor stats

Does the Blade have a special attack?

No, the Blade does not have a special attack.


When created, the blade will receive 10,000 charges. But, with each attack, one charge will be lost. To add more charges you will need to use crystal shards on the blade. Each shard that is added is equal to 100 charges and the blade can store up to a maximum of 20,000 charges at once.

To revert the blade back to its original form, an enhanced crystal weapon seed, you will need 250 crystal shards. Take the blade with the shards to a singing bowl to do this.


Players can upgrade the item to a corrupted version, this will not upgrade any offensive stats on the item. It will however, alter the items appearance and provide infinite charges. To corrupt the item you will need to take 1,000 crystal shards and the blade to a singing bowl (with 82 crafting and smithing). If you do not have the skill requirements for this, then Conwenna or Reese will create it for you, at a cost of an additional 500 crystal shards.

Uses for the Blade of Saeldor – where is it good?

The Blade of Saeldor is a strong melee weapon in many places. It is predominately used as a main hand for melee based slayer training. However, it can also be a strong option for any bossing scenarios where you want to use a one-handed melee weapon. For example, DKS and bandos, it is also particularly good at ToB before you can afford a scythe, due to its high slash bonus.

Is the Blade of Saeldor worth it?

Generally the Blade of Saeldor is not an item worth purchasing. Due to the fact you have to constantly pay for charges, unless you corrupt it. If you are to corrupt it, it means you can potentially lose out on a lot of money if you decide to sell it at a later date. It is also fairly niche due to the strength of other slash weapons such as the Scythe of Vitur. The Rapier is often cheaper without the costly upkeep and even a Tentacle Whip or Abyssal Whip provides a good budget alternative.