OSRS Zaryte Vambraces

The Zaryte Vambraces are currently Oldschool Runescapes best-in-slot item for offensive ranged bonuses in the glove slot. They require 80 ranged and 45 defence to equip and can be obtained as a rare drop from killing Nex. They offer protection from aggressive Zarosian monsters in the God Wars Dungeon.

Zaryte Vambraces Stats

OSRS Zaryte Vambraces Stats
Zaryte Vambraces Stats

Uses for Zaryte Vambraces – where are they good?

Anywhere you are required to use range for the majority of the time these vambs will be your best-in-slot item. They are the only glove/vambrace in the game that offer range strength bonuses. Which can have significant impacts on your max hits. Some of the content where they can be used includes; Nex, Inferno, Fight Caves, Zulrah, Giant Mole, Slayer training and many more.

Zaryte Vambraces Vs Barrows Gloves

The Zaryte Vambraces will always win in situations where you are only using ranged attacks. As they offer significant boosts to damage output over the Barrows Gloves. However, the barrows gloves are still a great hybrid glove, as they offer no negative stats unlike the vambraces. Therefore, places such as the Dagannoth Kings where you need to restrict the amount of switches you bring is a good example of where barrows gloves might be better for some people than Z Vambs.

Are the Zaryte Vambraces worth it?

Yes, as the Zaryte Vambraces are the best ranged gloves in the game, making it a worthwhile item. However, the fact the only way you can obtain this item is through Nex means it will hold a consistently high value. This means you would have to dump a significant amount of money and time into obtaining it. So, there is likely better things you can buy before this, unless you already have a very significant bank value. Generally, it is better to prioritise buying big ticket weapons such as the Twisted Bow, Shadow and Scythe first, before picking up expensive armour.

Drop Rate of the Z Vambs

Zaryte Vambraces can be obtained from Nex at a drop rate of 1/172.