OSRS Fletching Training Guide

Fletching is a members non-combat skill in OSRS and is one of the fastest skills to level 99. Not only is it super fast to train, but there are various methods that allow the skill to be trained at effectively 0 time invested. This OSRS fletching training guide will show some of the fastest training methods, in addition to alternative training methods.

Early Fletching Levels: Questing

Skipping the early levels of fletching with quest rewards is highly recommended. As you will ultimately need to complete many of these quests for good account progression. These quests also have fairly low requirements and are relatively easy and quick to complete. The quests recommended to complete are as follows:

  • Big Chompy Bird Hunting
  • Animal Magnetism
  • Zogre Flesh Eaters
  • The Fremennik Trials
  • Temple of Ikov
early fletching levels osrs
Quests that give Fletching Experience

Fletching with Zero Time Invested

Some fletching activities are possible without interrupting the players movement and without needing to bank between actions. This allows players to pair these training methods with other activities such as Questing, Agility Training, Slayer, Hunter, Farming runs, between Wintertodt rounds and more. This effectively makes the time required to reach level 99 fletching 0, as it becomes a secondary activity, allowing it to be trained passively.

Darts: Levels 10-99

Fletching darts is the most popular zero time training method for fletching. Players will simply need to use feathers on their chosen dart tip to fletch a set of up to 10 darts. This can be done while training other skills or other activities, as already mentioned. With this method it is possible to get up to 2,000,000+ million fletching experience per hour if it is your sole focus. Although, when combined with other activities, expect a much slower rate.

osrs dart tip experience per hour
Fletching Dart Tips Exp/Hour

Alternative Fletching Experience Methods

Fletching Bows: Levels 5-99

Fletching bows is a slow but less intensive training method. It allows players to afk for long periods of time, unlike fletching darts. It is possible to fletch around 1700 bows from logs or it is possible to string around 2450 bows per hour. Below you can see a breakdown of all the different methods and experience rates for fletching bows at different levels.

osrs fletching bows
Fletching Bows Experience per Hour