OSRS Hallowed Sepulchre Guide

The Hallowed Sepulchre is an agility activity located below the city of Darkmeyer in Morytania. The Sepulchre consists of five floors, access to each floor is dependant on the players current agility level. Through-out the floors, players will encounter coffins as they progress. These can be looted for the chance at receiving hallowed marks, with higher floors providing larger quantities of marks on average.

How to get to the Hallowed Sepulchre?

The Hallowed Sepulchre can be found in the North-east corner of Darkmeyer. To travel there use one of the following methods:

  • Drakan’s Medallion teleport to Darkmeyer and run north-east to entrance
  • Hallowed Crystal Shard teleport directly to the lobby entrance
OSRS Sepulchre entrance location
Sepulchre entrance location

Requirements for the Sepulchre

  • Completion of the Sins of the Father quest
  • 52 Agility to enter the Sepulchre’s first floor. Followed by additional agility level requirements on the subsequent floors. This is as follows:
    • Floor two – 62 Agility
    • Floor three – 72 Agility
    • Floor four – 82 Agility
    • Floor five – 92 Agility

Looting the coffins found in the Sepulchre is completely optional. However, if you wish to do so it will require the following levels:

Sepulchre Gear Setup

OSRS Hallowed Sepulchre Gear and Inventory Setup
Gear and Inventory Setup

How does Hallowed Sepulchre work?

Each floor in the Sepulchre has a time limit in which you must complete it by. This starts at 2 minutes for the first floor and an additional 2 minutes is added when you access each of the following floors.

If the timer runs out, you will be able to continue until the end of the floor, receiving agility experience as you do so. However, you will not be able to loot any of the coffins to receive loot. Experience granted when completing a floor can only be given to the player when they desend the stairs or exit via a magical obelisk. Any other methods of exiting the Sepulchre such as teleporting after the floor is done will result in you not receiving experience.

Obstacles to avoid

The sepulchre is not as simple as traditional agility methods. As you progress through each floor, you will be faced with on-coming obstacles that must be avoided with careful movement and precise timing. If you get caught/hit by an on-coming obstacle then it will teleport you back to a location before the obstacle and deal a small amount of damage (unless you have a hallowed ring equipped). The different types of obstacles on each floor are as follows:

  • Wizard Statue – Shoots fire that will block the players path entirely.
  • Priest Statue – Lightning in a 3×3 area of effect, temporarily stunning players.
  • Crossbowman Statue – Shoots small bolts that travel down the path in one specific direction. They can be avoided by moving to a row that no bolts are travelling down. Only one bolt will be fired in early floors, but 2 at a time can happen in later floors.
  • Knight Statue – Throws a saradomin sword traveling up and down the path. The deeper you are into the Sepulchre the faster they can potentially travel.
  • Strange Tile – Coloured tiles with different teleportation effects. In deeper floors these must be used carefully to avoid saradomin swords thrown by the Knight Statues.
    • Blue tiles teleport the player forward
    • Yellow tiles teleport the player backwards

Looting the Sepulchre Coffins

Looting the coffins will have negative affect on your overall experience rates. So, deciding to loot or not is your own personal preference. The coffin rewards include; Hallowed Marks, Ring of Endurance, Strange old lockpick and Mysterious page.

Coffins can not be looted if you run out of time. However, if you do have time left, you will need to complete a skill-based challenge to access the area where the Coffin is. Each challenge is noted below

Fix the Broken Bridges

The player must fix the bridge, using a hammer, saw, some nails and planks. This requires a minimum construction level of 56 to do, but it is boostable with things such as the Crystal Saw. A range of different plank and nail types can be used to provide different levels of construction experience. They are as follows:

  • 5 steel nails and 2 planks – 150 construction exp.
  • 5 mithril nails and 2 oak planks – 300 construction exp.
  • 5 adamantite nails and 2 teak planks – 450 construction exp.
  • 5 rune nails and 2 mahogany planks – 700 construction exp.

Saradomin Brazier

A holy barrier can be found blocking access to the Coffin. To remove the barrier, players will need to sacrifice two vampyre dusts (one dust if wearing a Hallowed symbol).

Grappling across Pillars

When you see a pillar with a grapple option on it use your crossbow and mithril grapple to cross the area and access the Coffin. You have a small chance of failure, this failure chance can be removed with use of a Hallowed grapple.

Portal Frame

To gain access players will need to be on the standard spellbook and use an enchantment spell. They can fail twice before the portal is broken and inaccessible. The Hallowed Focus is the only way to remove the failure chance. The spell rewards players with 200 magic experience and the runes used can be any of the following combinations:

  • 1 Cosmic & 1 Water Rune – Level 7 Magic.
  • 1 Cosmic & 3 Air Runes – Level 27 Magic.
  • 1 Cosmic & 5 Fire Runes – Level 49 Magic.
  • 1 Cosmic & 10 Earth Runes – Level 57 Magic.
  • 1 Cosmic, 15 Water & 15 Earth Runes – Level 68 Magic.
  • 1 Cosmic, 20 Earth & 20 Fire Runes – Level 87 Magic.
  • 1 Cosmic, 20 Blood & 20 Soul Runes – Level 93 Magic.

Agility Experience Rates

The table below gives accurate hourly experience rates for Agility when using the Hallowed Sepulchre.

OSRS Hallowed Sepulchre Experience Rates
Hallowed Sepulchre Experience Rates

Recommended Plugins & Tile Markers

Runelite client plugins can be particularly useful when training in the Sepulchre. It is recommended you go to the “agility” plugin, and look for the Hallowed Sepulchre section. Turn on highlight projectiles, highlight obstacles and highlight skill challenges. Additionally if you want tile markers for the floors you can import them from here.

Sepulchre Video Guide