OSRS Best Places to Mine Iron

This article will show you the best places to mine iron ore in OSRS. Iron ore is especially good for power mining. As it provides some of the fastest mining experience during the early game. This guide will show you locations for both free to play worlds and members worlds.

Where are the Best Places to mine Iron?

  1. Mining Guild
  2. Varrock south-east mine
  3. Kandarin Monastery

Best F2P Iron Mining Spots

With level 60 mining free to play players can access the free section of the Mining Guild. This area presents the best mining spot for iron ore that is closest to a bank.

Alternatively, the Varrock south-east mine does not have any requirements, it can be used by anyone. So, all you’ll need is level 15 mining and you’ll be able to start mining here. The mine is located directly south of Varrocks outer-wall.

osrs Varrock south-east mine
Varrock south-east mine

Best P2P Iron Mining Spots

The paid members section of the mining guild can be found south of the free version. The p2p area is significantly better for mining iron ore. As players can use a close by bank to deposit any iron ores they have. Additionally, players in the guild will receive an invisible +7 mining boost.

Alternatively, players who do not have the 60 mining requirement to use the guild can go to the Kandarin Monastery. This area is good because it has no requirements. Although, the Ardougne cloak teleport to the monastery is highly recommended. As it allows for very fast banking, as players can use the cloak teleport to get back to mining iron ore very fast.

osrs Kandarin Monastery spot
Kandarin Monastery spot

Other Mining Locations