OSRS Best Places to Mine Coal

Mining coal ore is an important mining training method in OSRS. Especially during the low levels of mining, it provides one of the fastest hourly experience rates of any method. Having the knowledge of the best places to mine coal can be useful and we will explore it in this post.

Where are the Best Places to mine Coal?

  1. Lovakite Mine
  2. Mining Guild
  3. South-West Wilderness Mine
  4. Abandoned Mine
  5. Coal Trucks

1. Lovakite Mine

The number one place to mine goal is in the Lovakite Mine. As there is an abundance of coal rocks that can be mined easily for ore. A bank can be found located in the mine and is close enough to make banking worthwhile. However, you will need a minimum of 30% lovakengj favour to use this mine.

The area provides an excellent area to power mine coal ore to increase your mining level. There are a total of 45 coal rocks in the area.

How to get to the Lovakite Mine?

The Mine is located in the north-west section of Lovakengj in the Great Kourend. Players can arrive at the area easily with an Xeric’s Talisman teleport to Xeric’s Inferno.

osrs Lovakite mine
Lovakite mine

2. Mining Guild

The Mining Guild is the second best location to mine coal ores in OSRS. With a total of 37 coal rocks in the area there is no shortage. These rocks are spread across a free to play and pay to play area. Making it an accessible location for those who don’t yet have membership.

This area is especially good as it contains an area where you can mine three rocks without having to move from your current tile. This increases your overall hourly mining experience rates when using this method.

How to get to the Mining Guild?

The Mining Guild is located below Falador and requires a minimum of level 60 mining to access. It can be accessed via the ladders in the centre of Falador. Alternatively, there is a second entrance in the north-east corner, on the north side of the party room, climb down the stairs in the building.

osrs Mining Guild
Mining Guild

3. South-West Wilderness Mine

This mine is located in the wilderness, but you are at a very low chance of getting interrupted by PKers. As the mine is away from popular hotspots and below level 10 wilderness.

There is a total of over 30 coal rocks here. Although, there is obviously no close by bank, so this area is mainly recommended for power mining. Where you would be dropping the ore every full inventory.

How to get to the South-West Wilderness Mine?

The Mine is located northwest of Edgeville, just slightly south of the Dark Warriors Fortress, at level 9 wilderness. Players can reach the area by using a glory teleport to Edgeville and running north-west.

osrs South-West Wilderness Mine
South-West Wilderness Mine

4. Abandoned Mine

The Abandoned Mine is a flooded mine in Morytania, accessed during the Haunted Mine Quest. The area contains a total of over 26 coal ore rocks. Making it the fourth best location in the game for power mining coal ore.

How to get to the Abandoned Mine?

The Abandoned mine can be found to the west of Burgh de Rott and south-west of Mort’ton. The fastest method of reaching the area is with the Morytania legs teleport to Burgh de Rott and running west. Alternatively, a Mort’ton teleport scroll works well or players can walk south through the Mort Myre Swamp to the entrance.

osrs Abandoned Mine
Abandoned Mine

5. Coal Trucks

At the Coal Trucks there is a total of 18 coal rocks which can be mined. This location is unique as you are able to deposit your coal ore into trucks after mining it. It can then later be collected at the depot in Seers Village for easy banking.

Players can store up to 120 coal ores in the carts. However, with varies tiers of the Kandarin Diary complete, this will increase. Up to 140, 280 and 308 coal ores for easy, medium and hard diary completion respectively.

How to get to the Coal Trucks?

The Coal Trucks can be found in the north-west part of Kandarin. Located just west of McGrubers Woods and north of the Fishing Guild. The fastest methods of reaching the area include a Fishing Guild teleport and running north or a Seers’ Village teleport and running west.

osrs Coal Trucks location
Coal Trucks location

Other Mining Locations