OSRS Best Places to Mine Gold

This article will show you the best places to mine gold ore in OSRS. It can be important for a number of reasons. Whether that be as a mining training method, quest requirement item or to gather for smithing training.

Where are the Best Places to mine Gold?

  1. Arzinian Mine
  2. North Brimhaven Mine
  3. Trahaearn mine
  4. Crafting Guild

1. Arzinian Mine

The Arzinian Mine, also known as Dondakan’s Mine can be found directly south-west of Keldagrim. To access the mine players must have completed the quest Between a Rock and have a gold helmet equipped. Then speak to Dondakan to enter the mine.

The Dwarven Boatman on the east side of the mine entrance will bank your gold ore for you. Although, he will charge a fee of 20% of the ores you give him (rounded up). This is reduced to 10% if a ring of charos (a) is worn.

The mine contains a total of 147 sources of gold ore. This is split into 70 gold rocks and 77 gold veins which can all be mined. to leave the mine simply log out, remove your gold helmet or hop worlds.

2. North Brimhaven Mine

The North Brimhaven Mine has significantly fewer requirements to use, making it more accessible for mining gold ore. The area has a total of ten gold rocks that can be mined. Players who wish to bank the ore can use the cart system to bank in Shilo Village, after completion of the Shilo Village quest.

The area is surrounded by several poison scorpions, these will be aggressive unless you are above level 40 combat. Therefore, it is not recommended to mine here unless you are above this combat level.

osrs North Brimhaven Mine
North Brimhaven Mine

3. Trahaearn Mine

The Trahaearn Mine is one of the best places for mining gold ore in OSRS. However, it has relatively steep requirements. Players will need to have completed the Song of the Elves grandmaster quest. As the mine is located below Prifddinas.

The mine has a total of 14 gold rocks, along with an array of other rock types. There is also a mine cart that acts as a deposit box very close by. Making the area one of the best for banking.

4. Crafting Guild

The ground floor of the crafting guild holds the largest amount of gold ore for free to play players. Making it one of the best spots for gold ore mining in OSRS. The guild is located directly south-west of Falador city and slightly north of Rimmington.

Additionally, players who have completed the hard falador diary or have 99 crafting can use the bank chest and deposit box in members worlds.

osrs crafting guild mining spot
Crafting Guild Mine

Other Mining Locations