OSRS Medium Clue Scrolls Guide

Medium Clue Scrolls are the mid tier clue scroll in osrs. Other clue scrolls include the beginner, easy, hard, elite and master clue scroll. Medium clue scrolls are aimed at mid tier players and take between 3 and 5 steps to complete. The average medium clue loot is around 40,000 coins, they are most commonly done for the chance of receiving the very valuable ranger boots.

Efficient Gear & Inventory Setup

osrs Medium Clue scroll gear setup
Medium Clue scroll gear & inventory setup

If you do not own a max cape, then bring a construction cape or crafting cape and teleport to house tablets. Try to always keep 4 inventory slots free at all times, so there is no need to juggle items.

Fastest methods of obtaining Medium Clue Scrolls

Eclectic implings are the fastest way to obtain medium clue scrolls. Buy them from other players or the Grand Exchange and open the implings. The drop rate for a medium clue scroll from an eclectic impling is 1/25.For ironmen or players who do not want to spend money buying implings. Then killing Falador Guards is the best option. They drop medium clues at a rate of 1/128 or 1/106 with the falador medium diary complete. They are low combat and can be killed with a cannon in multi-combat.