OSRS Best Strength Training Weapon

Strength is one of your most important combat skills, as it increases your maximum hit for each melee attack. However, not every melee weapon has the ability to deal damage and only receive strength experience. That’s why it’s important to know which is the best weapon for training your strength level efficiently. This article will look over some of the best options.

What are the Best Strength Training Weapons in OSRS?

  1. Ghrazi Rapier
  2. Abyssal Bludgeon
  3. Abyssal Dagger
  4. Dragon Scimitar
  5. Osmumten’s Fang

1. The Ghrazi Rapier

The Ghrazi Rapier is the strongest one handed melee weapon for training strength in the game right now. However, it does come with some relatively high requirements. Such as a minimum of level 80 attack to equip it. Additionally, you will have to pay a high price for this item, as it is maintains a high value for only being obtainable via the Theatre of Blood.

osrs ghrazi rapier stats
Rapier stats

2. Abyssal Bludgeon

The Abyssal Bludgeon is the best 2 handed melee weapon for training strength with. It is slightly weaker than the Rapier but is also far cheaper to buy. It also has lower requirements to use, with only 70 attack and 70 strength being required.

The Abyssal Bludgeon is a rare reward from the Abyssal Sire. Players will need to collect the three bludgeon pieces and combine them if they want to obtain the item naturally. These pieces are the Bludgeon Axon, Claw and Spine.

osrs bludgeon stats
Bludgeon Stats

3. Abyssal Dagger

The Abyssal Dagger also requires 70 attack to use and is one of the best str training weapons available in OSRS. It features a useful high-hitting special attack that performs two attacks in one, similar to how the dragon dagger works. However, unlike the DDS, the abyssal dagger special attack takes 50% special attack energy.

The Abyssal Dagger is similar to the Abyssal Bludgeon, as it can be obtained as a rare reward from the Abyssal Sire. However, it can also be obtained as a very rare drop when killing abyssal demons.

Abby Dagger Stats

4. Dragon Scimitar

The Dragon Scimitar is a great weapon for mid tier players who want to train strength. It is a powerful scimitar but only requires 60 attack to wield. It also hold an extremely low value, making it very accessible. You will however, have to complete the Monkey Madness I quest.

Ironmen will also benefit from using the dragon scimitar since it is so easy to use. Many ironmen will choose to use this weapon all the way up to 99 strength.

osrs dragon scimitar stats
Dragon Scimitar Stats

5. Osmumten’s Fang

The Osmumten’s Fang has high requirements of 82 attack to wield and is usually expensive as it can only be obtained from the Tombs of Amascut. However, it offers a very appealing way to train the strength skill with a high damage output.

The weapon is particularly useful against high defense monsters and will almost always gaurantee a hit due to its passive effect.

osrs osmumten's fang stats
Osmumten’s fang stats