OSRS Abyssal Dagger

The Abyssal Dagger is currently the strongest dagger in OSRS and requires a minimum of level 70 attack to equip. Players can obtain the dagger by sacrificing an unsired (from the Abyssal Sire) to the Font of Consumption. It can also be obtained as a super rare drop from regular Abyssal Demons, at a rate of 1/32,000.

Abby Dagger Stats

OSRS Abyssal Dagger stats
Abyssal Dagger stats

Special Attack

The Abyssal Dagger special attack consumes 25% special attack energy. It works by dealing two hits in quick succession with a 25% increase in accuracy and 15% reduced damaged. Either both hits will land or both hits will miss, as the accuracy check is performed on one roll.

Abyssal Dagger uses – where is it good?

The Abyssal Dagger is one of the best stab weapons in OSRS. Particularly if you are on a budget, so anywhere you want to use stab this dagger will prove itself useful. An example of its usability include Vasa Nistirio at the Chambers of Xeric.

Additionally, the dagger has the option to use an attack style that trains strength independently. Making it one of the best weapons for strength training in OSRS. While options such as the Inquisitor’s Mace, Ghrazi Rapier, Scythe of Vitur and others may technically better, the abyssal dagger benefits from its cheap and affordable price point.

Is the Abyssal Dagger worth it?

Yes, the abyssal dagger is an amazing stab weapon for an affordable price. It is a worthy item in any serious PVMers bank, proving useful for strength training and against monsters weak to stab.

However, when you can comfortably upgrade to more expensive weapons such as the Ghrazi Rapier, then the Dagger will become redundant. This means it can be sold again, since you have made a direct upgrade. Although, the Rapier should be low on your list of upgrades, due to its expensive price point.

Should you get a poisoned dagger or not?

Yes, adding poison to the dagger is extremely cheap to do, there is essentially no difference in the price. It provides a very minimal damage boost, but due to its inexpense there’s not many reasons not to do it.

On the other hand, the one factor that may be worth putting into consideration is that poison damage does not give any exp. So, if you are using the dagger purely for combat experience training, then it may be more beneficial to use the dagger without poison.