OSRS Osmumten’s Fang

The Osmumten’s fang is a one-handed stab weapon in Oldschool Runescape. Players can obtain this reward by completing the Tombs of Amascut and receiving it as a unique reward. To equip this item and use it in combat you will need a minimum attack level of 82. A cosmetic upgrade can be applied by using the Cursed Phalanx on the Osmumten’s fang. This can only be obtained by completing ToA at a raid level of 500+.

Osmumten’s fang Stats

osrs Osmumten's fang Stats
Osmumten’s fang Stats

Passive Effect

The fang has a passive effect in terms of your probability of landing a successful hit and the damage that is applied.

Successful hit probability

Inside of the Tombs of Amascut is different to using the weapon outside. When in the raid the check is performed on the basis of the standard mechanics. It is repeated if either check succeeds and a successful hit will land.

When determining if an attack will land successfully outside of the Tombs of Amascut, there are two rolls that occur. If either is higher than the opponents defence roll, the attack will land successfully. You can use the formula below to calculate this probability. In the formula a represents the max attack roll and d represents the targets max defence roll.

osmumten fang damage calculation osrs
Fang hit chance formula

Damage calc

The damage the fang will output does not operate similar to traditional weapons. Instead upon a successful hit, the fang will deal between 15% and 85% of its max hit. For example, if your max hit is 60, then you will roll damage between 9 and 51, as opposed to 0 and 60. This is beneficial in lowering the amount of variance seen at high defence monsters.

Special Attack

Each special attack uses 25% of the players special attack energy. When using the special attack it increases your accuracy by 50% and uses the fang’s true max hit. The special attack will always roll based off the opponents stab defence, even when using the slash attack style.

osrs osmumtens fang special attack
Osmumten’s Fang Special Attack

Uses for Osmumten’s fang – where are they good?

The fang excels against high defence monsters, due to its high levels of accuracy. Additionally, its damage calculation means you will get more consistent levels of damage applied to high defence monsters. The fang is particularly good at high raid level ToA, Corporeal Beast, Tekton, Vanguards, Nex, Bandos and many more.

The fang also has the ability to attack with a strength training option, making it a viable weapon for training strength.

Is the Osmumten’s fang worth it?

Yes, if you have the money for the fang then it is definitely a worthwhile investment. However, you want to make sure you are doing content where it is frequently used and a best-in-slot item. Players who want to do a large volume of raids, particularly ToA and CoX will get good use out of this item.