OSRS Blast Furnace Guide

The Blast Furnace is a minigame focused on the Smithing skill, where players smelt bars in a giant furnace operated by the Dwarves of Keldagrim. There are currently 15 official Blast Furnace worlds, it is highly recommended to use these worlds. As the official worlds have five dwarves who will operate the machines to keep the blast furnace running continually for you. This article aims to guide you through all the steps needed to efficiently use the Blast Furnace.

Requirements & Recommended items

  • Access to Keldagrim (Partial completion of the Giant Dwarf quest)
  • 60 Smithing (level boosts will not work). Alternatively, you will need to pay 2,500 coins every 10 minutes of use if you do not have the level requirement.
  • 72,000 coins every hour to pay for the up-keep of the blast furnace by the 5 dwarf workers on blast furnace official worlds.
  • Ice gloves are highly recommended as it allows players to immediately retrieve bars without waiting for them to cool down. Alternatively, a Bucket of water can be used to cool the bars, but is less convenient.

Where is the Blast Furnace?

The Blast Furnace is found on the eastern side of Keldagrim. Players will need to enter the building highlighted in the yellow square in the image below and climb down the stairs. The fastest methods to reach the area include:

  • Minigames teleport directly to Blast Furnace.
  • Fairy ring D-K-S and enter the cave slightly south-west. Speak to the Dwarven Boatman inside who will take you to Keldagrim then make your way east to the blast furnace entrance.
  • Use the mine kart entrance on the west side of the Grand Exchange to travel to Keldagrim (21 agility required).
osrs Entrance to Blast Furnace
Entrance to Blast Furnace

Guide to using the Blast Furnace

  1. Place coal and/or ore on the Conveyor Belt.
  2. Use your ice gloves to remove the hot bars from the bar dispenser. If you don’t have ice gloves, use a bucket of water
  3. Bank the bars
  4. Collect new ore’s from bank
  5. Repeat process

Tips to remember

  • If you are smithing gold bars remember to have your goldsmith gauntlets on before the bars arrive for the bonus experience. After you get the exp drop then equip ice gloves.
  • The coal bag can be filled while in the bank interface with shift-click.
  • Maximum amount of coal the Blast Furnace will hold at one time is 254 (or 9 inventories full). However, if you log out while coal is on the conveyor belt it will be lost permanently.
  • The Blast Furnace has a maximum capacity of 28 primary ores (the metal itself), and it can hold an additional 28 bars at a time. If you attempt to add more than 28 primary ores without first collecting the 28 bars stored in the dispenser, you will receive an error message.

Smithing experience rates

The full smithing experience is granted when smelting bars as if they were smelted traditionally. With Goldsmith Gauntlets players can smith gold bars for up to 370k smithing experience per hour. This is currently the fastest smithing exp method in the game.

However, gold can be costly to smelt and is a significant net loss. While it is still the most efficient use of time overall some players may opt for profitable routes. Smelting runite bars will result in profit as well as around 65k smithing experience per hour. A full breakdown of all the experience rates can be found below.

osrs Blast Furnace experience rates
Blast Furnace experience rates

Raw Materials & Level Requirements

In order to smith high-level bars such as Runite, Adamantite, Mithril and Steel you will need a combination of ores. Even bronze bars actually require 2 types of ores. You can see a full breakdown of the quantities of different ore required to make a specific type of bar below. In addition to the smithing level required to create them.

blast furnace materials and requirements osrs
Blast Furnace Raw Materials & Level Requirements