OSRS Prospector’s Kit Guide

The Prospector’s Kit is an experience-boosting set of clothing for the mining skill. It can be purchased from Prospector Percy in the Motherlode Mine for 180 golden nuggets. These nuggets can only be obtained when completing the motherlode mining activity. On average players will need to mine 6,570 pay-dirt from motherlode mine on average to buy the full set, this guide will show you how.

OSRS Male & Female prospector kit
Male & Female prospector kit

How to get the Prospector’s Kit?

Travel to the motherlode mine, located below falador, adjacent to the Mining Guild. Begin mining the veins on walls around the mine to collect pay-dirt. When turning pay-dirt into the hopper in the centre of the room, players will have a chance of receiving the golden nuggets required when searching the sack south of the hopper. Bank the nuggets until you have enough to buy a piece or multiple pieces of the kit. If you want to learn more about motherlode mine be sure to check out our Motherlode mine guide.

OSRS Cost of prospectors
Cost of prospectors

After completing the hard falador diary tasks players may opt to sell the set back to Percy. In order to unlock the upper floor in motherlode mine, which is significantly more mining experience. Although, note that if you intend to do master clue scrolls, the prospectors kit is a required set.

Alternatively, if you have the varrock armour 4 from the elite varrock diary rewards, you do not need to purchase the jacket. As the varrock armour 4 acts as an alternative, providing the exp boost and it can also be used for the relevant clue scroll steps.

The Golden Prospector recolour

With the shooting stars activity, players can collect stardust which in turn can be exchanged for star fragments. Each star fragment will cost a total of 3,000 stardust each and can be used to recolour the Prospectors Kit into the Golden Prospectors kit. In total you will need 12,000 stardust and this process can not be reverted.

OSRS Golden Prospector kit
Golden Prospector kit