OSRS Trident of the Seas

The Trident of the Seas is a powered staff, that requires a minimum of 75 magic to equip. This staff has a built-in magic spell that players can use regardless of their current spellbook. Additionally, the Trident of the Seas is one of the most iconic magic weapons in osrs, as it represents a big jump in dps from its predecessors.

Trident of the Seas Stats

OSRS Trident of the Seas Stats
Trident of the Seas Stats

Upgrading the Trident

There are two methods to upgrade the Trident of the Seas. Firstly, players can take the item to Lieve McCracken, along with 10 kraken tentacles and have him enhance the trident. This will boost the total charges the item can hold to 20,000 charges.

Additionally, players with 59+ crafting can attach a magic fang to the Trident. This will create a Trident of the Swamp, which is an upgraded version of the trident. The swamp trident requires 78 magic and will also need to be charged with 1 zulrah scale instead of the 10 coins per charge previously used.

Obtaining the item

The Trident of the Seas is dropped as a rare reward from cave krakens or krakens. Which require a minimum of level 87 slayer and can only be damaged when on a slayer task.

The Kraken boss will drop a fully charged trident, whereas the cave krakens will drop an uncharged version.

How to charge the Trident of the seas?

OSRS Charging Trident

One charge in the Trident costs a total of 1 death rune, 1 chaos rune, 5 fire runes and 10 coins. With the trident being able to hold up to 2,500 charges this means to fully charge the item you will need; 2,500 death runes, 2,500 chaos runes, 12,500 fire runes and 25,000 coins.

1,500 charges can be used per hour of non-stop combat, meaning the overall cost to use the toxic trident is around 300k per hour.

What is the Trident of the Seas good for?

The Trident of the Seas is a good all-round magic weapon for mid level players. It provides a significant upgrade in DPS if players have previously been using items such as the Iban’s Staff.

Although, it will get out-performed by better alternatives as players progress to higher levels. The Toxic Trident is only 3 level requirements higher and is still a relatively inexpensive item. The Sanguinesti Staff and Tumeken’s Shadow are also significantly better but are also far more expensive.

OSRS Trident Animation
Trident Animation

Is the Trident worth it?

Yes, the Trident of the Seas is definitely worthwhile and an important item in any players bank. It is cheap and affordable but provides strong damage. It is also super inexpensive to use, so even if you have items such as the sang staff, shadow staff, harmonised staff and more, you’ll likely find a use for the trident.