OSRS Trident of the Swamp

The Trident of the Swamp, also known as the “Toxic Trident” is a powered staff, that requires a minimum of 78 magic to equip. The staff deals damage via a spell that is built in to the trident and can therefore be used on any spellbook. The trident has a 25% to inflict venom on the target, or 100% when wearing a serpentine helm. This also applies to any manually-cast combat spells. However, the staff must have at least 1 charge for the venom to apply.

Trident of the Swamp Stats

osrs Trident of the Swamp Stats
Trident of the Swamp stats

Upgrading the Trident

Players can give 10 kraken tentacles and their Trident of the Swamp to Lieve McCracken to upgrade to an enhanced version. Lieve can be found in the Kraken Cove and this upgrade will increase the amount of charges the toxic trident can hold from 2,500 to 20,000.

Obtaining the Item

The staff can be created by using a magic fang on an uncharged Trident of the Seas. A Magic Fang can be obtained as a unique reward from killing Zulrah. A Trident of the Seas can be obtained by killing the Kraken boss, or its weaker Cave Kraken varients. 87 Slayer and a Cave Kraken slayer assignment will be required to kill these monsters. Additionally, to craft the Trident of the Swamp, you will need 59 crafting.

How to charge the Trident of the Swamp?

One charge in the Trident costs a total of 1 death rune, 1 chaos rune, 5 fire runes and 1 Zulrah scale. With the trident being able to hold up to 2,500 charges this means to fully charge the item you will need; 2,500 death runes, 2,500 chaos runes, 12,500 fire runes and 2,500 zulrah’s scales.

1,500 charges can be used per hour of non-stop combat, meaning the overall cost to use the toxic trident is around 500k per hour.

What is the Trident of the swamp good for?

The Trident of the Swamp is a strong, but affordable magic weapon. Anywhere you are doing magic-based damage in a PVM situation this is a great weapon. It is weaker than the Sanguinesti Staff and Tumeken’s Shadow, but is also far cheaper.

osrs Trident attack animation
Trident attack animation

Additionally, similar to the blowpipe, the weapon can be used effectively to easily venom targets. Especially when paired with the Serpentine Helm for a 100% chance of inflicting venom on a target. Also, the Trident of the Swamp has the same effect as the Merfolk Trident when drift net fishing.

Is the Toxic Trident worth it?

Yes, the Trident of the Swamp is a very important item in any PVMers bank. It is particularly important for players who are on a budget and cant afford items such as the sang staff or shadow staff. The Trident is a very affordable item, similar to the Eldinis Ward and other low-cost, high impact magic items. The trident is also highly versatile and can be used as a great primary magic weapon at various high level bosses.

Trident of the seas vs swamp

The swamp trident is a direct upgrade over the Trident of the Seas. Making it significantly better in terms of pure magical damage. Although, it is worth considering that the toxic trident is slightly more expensive to use due to its zulrah scales requirement when charging.