OSRS F2P Crafting Training Guide

This post represents the Free-to-play version of our original OSRS Crafting Guide. All of the methods found in this guide can be used for training crafting in free-to-play worlds.

Free to play Quests for Crafting Experience

Completing all three of the following quests will boost your crafting level from 1 to level 8:

  • Sheep Shearer: 150 Crafting XP
  • Goblin Diplomacy: 200 Crafting XP
  • Misthalin Mystery: 600 Crafting XP

Fastest F2P Crafting Training

Below you will see the methods used to gain the fastest experience and 1-99 crafting in f2p.

Crafting Leather Items: levels 1-28

Craft the highest tier of leather items available for your current crafting level. At level 1, players can craft leather gloves for 19,000 f2p crafting xp per hour. Leather Chaps will provide up to 38,000 experience per hour at level 18 crafting. A full breakdown of the XP per hour for this free to play crafting training can be seen below.

OSRS Leather items crafting exp per hour
Leather items crafting exp per hour

Cutting Gems: levels 20-99

Cutting gems is the fastest way to train crafting in free-to-play. However, it can also be very expensive and require a large amount of capital.

Cutting Diamonds can give up to 290,000 crafting experience per hour. However, the losses associated with this are huge, especially for f2p players. Sapphires and Emeralds have the potential to break even, depending on current Grand Exchange prices. Sapphires give 145k crafting xp per hour and emeralds are 175k. See a full breakdown of all the costs and xp/hr rates below.

OSRS Cutting Gems Xp per hr and Profit or loss
Cutting Gems Xp/hr and Profit/loss

Alternative F2p Training Methods

Below are some alternative training methods for f2p players. They may not be the quickest, but provide some alternative benefits, such as profitability.

Crafting Gold Items: levels 5-99

Crafting Gold Items is a common free to play crafting method. As it provides some passive money making while training the skill. The GP/XP rates can vary depending on current Grand Exchange prices, but an average can be seen in the image below.

Expect around 20,000 crafting xp per hour when starting out with gold ring. Scaling all the way up to 100k+ xp per hour when crafting unstrung diamond amulets.

OSRS Crafting Gold Items
Crafting Gold Items

When crafting gold items in f2p, be sure to use the Al-Kharid furnace, as it is the closest to a bank. You’ll also need your necklace or ring mould in the inventory when crafting these items.

Hardleather Bodies: levels 28-99

An alternative to switching to cutting gems at level 20 is to just continue crafting leather items all the way to 99. At level 28 players will unlock the highest tier of leather item that can be crafted in f2p, the hardleather body.

This method provides around 85,000 crafting xp per hour.

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