OSRS F2P Firemaking Training Guide

This post represents the Free-to-play version of our original OSRS Firemaking Guide. All of the methods found in this guide can be used for training firemaking in free-to-play worlds.

Fastest F2P Firemaking Training

Below you will see the methods used to gain the fastest experience and 1-99 firemaking in f2p. However, the fastest methods will always be to use the highest tier log available to you, based on your current level.

OSRS Xp per Hr rates for burning different logs
Xp/Hr rates for burning different logs

Normal Logs: levels 1-15


Normal logs can be chopped from trees, evergreens, dead and dying trees. Players will need a total of 61 logs to get from level 1 to 15 and this will take around 2-3 minutes. The average hourly experience rates for burning normal logs is around 60,000.

Oak Logs: levels 15-30

OSRS Oak Logs

From level 15 to 30 players will need to burn a total of 183 oak logs. This should only take between 7 and 8 minutes. With an average of around 90,000 firemaking xp per hour with this f2p training method. If cutting them yourself, see our article on the best places to chop oak trees.

Willow Logs: levels 30-45

OSRS Willow Logs

Burning Willow logs provides the player around 133,000 firemaking exp per hour. To get from level 30 to 45 a total of 535 willow logs are required. This should take approximately 22 minutes if training efficiently.

Maple Logs: levels 45-60

OSRS Maple Logs

Burning Maple logs will grant the player firemaking experience rates of around 200,000 per hour. Therefore, expect the time taken from level 45 to 60 to be just over 1 hour, with 1,572 logs needed.

Yew Logs: levels 60-99

OSRS Yew Logs

Yew Logs provide the fastest free to play firemaking training method available. Each log provides 202.5 experience and gives a total hourly xp rate of just over 300,000. However, it is considerably more expensive to use this method than willow or maple. So, players with less gold may want to stay with the previous tier of log.

Free to play players will need a total of 63,016 yew logs to reach level 99 and this will take approximately 43 hours from level 60.

Best place to train Firemaking in F2P?

The Grand Exchange is the best place to train firemaking in free to play worlds of OSRS. As it is possible to burn a log just 1 tile away from the bank. Meaning the time spent banking is extremely minimal. Keeping noted logs in your inventory and using them on the banker to un-note an inventory is the most optimal way to do so.

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