OSRS F2P Fishing Training Guide

This post represents the Free-to-play version of our original OSRS Fishing Guide. All of the methods found in this guide can be used for training fishing in free-to-play worlds.

Fastest F2P Fishing Training

Below you will see the methods used to gain the fastest experience and 1-99 fishing in f2p.

Net Fishing Shrimp & Anchovies: levels 1-20

Using a small fishing net to catch raw shrimp and anchovies is the fastest training method for free to play fishing in OSRS, between levels 1 and 20. Only shrimp will be caught until level 15, when anchovies become unlocked.

Always drop the fish to receive the highest experience rates. With this method players can expect between 1,500 and 3,000 fishing xp per hour.

Popular fishing spots can be found at Draynor Village, Al-Kharid and the Lumbridge Swamp.

Fly Fishing Trout & Salmon: levels 20-99

From levels 20, players can fish raw trout via fly fishing. With 15,000 fishing experience per hour at level 20. This scales significantly at level 30 as f2p players unlock the ability to catch raw salmon. At higher levels it is possible to receive up to 50,000 f2p fishing xp per hour.

Additionally, players who make use of tick manipulation methods can receive up to 80,000 fishing xp/hr. Although, this is significantly more click intense and challenging to learn.

The most popular places for fly fishing are located at Lumbridge and the Barbarian Village. The Barbarian Village area has an everlasting fire, if you plan to train both fishing and cooking.

OSRS Fly Fishing example
Player Fly Fishing in OSRS

Alternative F2p Fishing Training

Below are some alternative training methods for f2p players. They may not be the quickest, but provide some alternative benefits, such as profitability.

Raw Lobsters: levels 40-49

At Musa Point, players can fish raw lobsters and bank them as a popular f2p money maker. Banking them will require taking the boat back to Port Sarim and using the bank at Draynor. While doing this it is possible to make around 50,000 gold and 20,000 fishing experience per hour.

Raw Tuna/Swordfish: levels 50-99

Using the harpoon spots at Musa Point to fish Swordfish can provide low to moderate levels of profit and fishing xp. The tuna should be dropped as it is significantly less expensive. But, when banking swordfish, players can expect to make around 40,000 gold and 37,000 fishing experience per hour.

You can also sell the fish to the Karamja General store instead of returning to the bank at Draynor. This results in less profit but more experience.

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