OSRS F2P Magic Training Guide

This post represents the Free-to-play version of our original OSRS Magic Guide. All of the methods found in this guide can be used for training magic in free-to-play worlds.

Fastest F2P Magic Training

Below you will see the methods used to gain the fastest experience and 1-99 magic in f2p.

Level 1-17

As you begin magic training in f2p, you will want to cast Wind Strike on various low level NPCs. The best places to train is in the areas surrounding Lumbridge. The Cow and Chicken pens or the Goblin, Rat and Spider spots.

As players progress through the levels, they can use higher tier strike spells. Such as Water Strike, Earth Strike and Fire Strike.

OSRS Wind Strike
Wind Strike

Levels 17+

Players can now use Wind Bolt, and as they progress to higher levels more and more spells will be unlocked. So, continue to use the best spell you can all the way until 99. The Fire Blast spell is currently the best f2p spell and is unlocked at level 59 magic.

Some more advanced training locations include:

  • Hill Giants in Edgeville Dungeon. These can be safe spotted and drop keys to fight Obor, as well as big bones and limpwurt roots.
  • Al-Kharid Warriors in Al-Kharid.
  • Hobgoblins in Edgeville Dungeon.
  • Skeletons in Varrock Sewers
OSRS Fire Blast
Fire Blast

Levels 33+

Players will unlock Telekinetic Grab at level 33. This can be very useful when training the magic skill from safespots in free to play worlds. As it allows the player to be protected from aggressive monsters, while still collecting loot.

This is particularly beneficial when fighting high-level targets such as Lesser Demons. The Lesser Demon in the Wizards’ Tower can only have its loot collected via Telekinetic Grab. Other viable monsters include:

  • Moss Giants in the Varrock Sewer. These can be safe spotted and drop Mossy Keys for access to the f2p boss, Bryophyta.
  • Ankou in the Stronghold of Security.
  • Ogress Warriors in the Corsair Cove Dungeon.
OSRS Telekinetic Grab
Telekinetic Grab

Gear Setup for Free-to-play Magic Training

A staff of some type is highly recommended. As it reduces rune cost and can be used to autocast instead of manually casting spells. The most optimal equipment for magic training includes:

  • Wizard Hat
  • Amulet of Magic
  • Wizard Robe Top
  • Zamorak Monk Bottom
OSRS Optimal Gear Setup for magic training in f2p
Optimal Gear Setup for magic training in f2p

Alternative F2p Magic Training

Below are some alternative training methods for f2p players. They may not be the quickest, but provide some alternative benefits, usually relating to profitability.

Splashing Curse: level 19+

At level 19 in free to play, players will unlock the Curse spell. Each time it is cast players will gain 29 experience. Using it to splash on an NPC will equate to 34,000 magic experience per hour. Be sure to check out our OSRS splashing guide, but in order for this to work you will need a magic bonus of -65.

Players can use fire blast to splash at level 59 for just over 41,000 magic xp per hour. However, this is significantly more expensive and generally not viable for f2p players.

High Level Alchemy: level 55+

At level 55 Magic players can cast the High Level alchemy spell in free to play. It can be used on a variety of items in a profitable way too, if you are able to buy the right items at the right price from the Grand Exchange. Profitable items include; green d’hide, mithril platebodies, adamant and rune equipment.

Players can expect up to 78,000 magic experience per hour with continuous and uninterrupted alching.

Free-to-play Quests for Magic Experience

  • Imp Catcher: 875 Magic XP
  • Witch’s Potion: 325 Magic XP