OSRS Falconry Guide

Falconry is a hunter strategy used to catch various types of Kebbit in the Piscatoris Falconry area. Players with 43 Hunter can rent a Gyr Falcon from Matthias in the Falconry area for 500 coins. The falcon can then be used to hunt down different Kebbits by clicking on them. Like most hunter methods the Falcon is not always successful and their is a chance of failure. However, at levels 43-60 this is one of the best available methods of training hunter.

Requirements to catch Falconry ?

  • 43 Hunter
  • 500 coins to rent a Gyr Falcon
  • Falconer’s Glove – obtained from Matthias at Piscatoris Falconry area
  • No items carried in the weapon, shield or gloves spot

Where to train with Falconry?

Falconry takes place at the Piscatoris Falconry area, this is the only place in the game it is possible. To get there, players can use one of the following methods:

  • Piscatoris teleport scroll and run east
  • Fairy ring code A-K-Q and run east
OSRS Falconry location
Falconry location

Falconry Experience Rates

Spotted Kebbits are the starting point at level 43, you can expect hunter experience rates of 60,000 per hour from this level. At level 57, Dark Kebbits are unlocked, these scale experience rates up to around 75,000 per hour. Once you hit level 60, it is recommended to move on to hunting Red Salamanders, as they are faster experience.