OSRS Black Mask

The Black Mask is worn in the head slot and can be obtained as a unique reward from the Cave Horror monster. It requires a minimum of level 20 strength, 10 defence and 40+ combat to wear. When worn it provides a 16.67% boost to attack and strength against monsters you have been assigned as a slayer task.

Black Mask Stats

OSRS Black Mask Stats
Black Mask Stats

Imbuing the Black Mask

The mask can be imbued by any one of three methods. These methods include:

  • 1,250,000 Nightmare Zone points
  • 500 Soul Wars Zeal Tokens
  • A Scroll of Imbuing for 200 PvP arena points (Tradeable item which can be bought from other players or the Grand Exchange.

When imbued, the black mask will now provide a 15% boost to ranged and magic accuracy and damage.

Upgrading to the Slayer Helm

Players who have spent 400 slayer reward points to unlock the Malevolent Masquerade ability will be able to craft the slayer helm. The slayer helmet is made up of a variety of slayer equipment, including the black mask and benefits from the black masks bonuses. To craft the helm players will also need a minimum of level 55 crafting (boostable).

Uses for the Black Mask – where is it good?

The black mask is the second best in slot item for the head slot when training slayer, behind the slayer helmet. It provides a huge boost to offensive damage and to all 3 styles when imbued. Making it a useful item for all things slayer related.

It can also be added to the combat dummy in a player-owned-home at level 53 construction. This allows players to test their max hit when on a slayer task assignment, using the black mask or slayer helm. A useful upgrade for any efficient PoH.

Is the Black Mask worth it?

Yes, one of the most important items in the game is the slayer helmet. Every player should have long term aspirations of getting this item. To make it you will need the black mask, so why not get it early on and benefit from its strong offensive bonuses.

What is the difference between black mask and black mask 10?

The Black Mask 10 is a charged version of the mask. When charged the mask has a passive ability to lower a targetted monsters defence by 2 + 7% (rounded down). There is a 10% chance of triggering the effect and it will use a charge in the process.

It is not possible to recharge a mask that has been drained of all 10 charges.