OSRS Primordial Boots

The Primordial boots are the best melee boots in OSRS. They require a minimum of level 75 strength and defence to equip. Offering the highest strength bonus of any item worn in the feet slot.

Primordial Boots Stats

OSRS Primordial Boots Stats
Primordial Boots Stats

How to make the Primordial Boots?

The Primordial Boots can be made by using a primordial crystal on a pair of dragon boots. This requires level 60 runecrafting and magic to work and grants 200 exp in each skill. In order to obtain a primordial crystal you will need to kill Cerberus and receive it as a rare drop. Dragon Boots can be obtained by killing spiritual mages.

Uses for Prims – where are they good?

Prims are the best in slot boot for players using melee. This means they are essentially used everywhere that you are using the melee skill for a considerable amount of time. Whether it be basic melee training, slayer task assignments or high-level bossing. Raids such as CoX, ToA and ToB all benefit from these boots, as well as any high-level bosses that require melee as a combat style.

Are the Primordial Boots worth it?

Yes, as with all best in slot items they should be a priority for any serious PVMer. These boots should be in any moderately wealthy players bank. However, if you are on a tight budget and have relatively low levels of wealth then the dragon boots can still be a strong alternative. The Dragon Boots are only 1 strength bonus less than primordials, which in many instances will not even result in any max hits being lost.