OSRS Red Salamanders Guide

The Red Salamander is the second strongest salamander. It is caught with the hunter skill at level 59, and provides some of the best experience rates in the game for that level. Salamanders can be used as weapons, that attack with both ranged and magic. Although, they are not particularly strong or useful in PvM situations. Other types of salamanders include the Black Salamander, Orange Salamander and Swamp Lizards.

Requirements to catch Red Salamanders?

  • 59+ Hunter
  • 4+ Ropes
  • 4+ small fishing nets
  • Stamina potions
  • Weight-reducing gear

Where to catch Red Salamanders?

The Red Salamander is found exclusively at the Ourania Hunter area, near the ZMI Altar entrance. This is found south-west of the city of Ardougne and north of Castle Wars. To travel here the fastest methods include:

  • Ourania teleport.
  • Spirit tree to the Battlefield and run west.
  • Castle Wars teleport with ring of dueling and run north.
  • Ardougne Teleport and run south-west.
osrs where to catch red salamanders
Red Salamanders Location

Catch Chance

OSRS Catch rates for Red Salamanders based on Hunter level
Catch rates for Red Salamanders based on Hunter level

Red Salamander Experience Rates

At level 59, you can only lay 3 traps at one time. So, experience rates are only 80k hunter per hour. Whereas, at level 60+ you can lay 4 traps at one time, resulting in around 100k hunter experience per hour. At level 80 you unlock 5 traps, however, it is not worth staying here that long. At level 67 you unlock Black Salamanders and should move on to catching them for higher experience rates.