OSRS Fighter Torso

The Fighter Torso is a piece of armour worn in the body slot, that requires 40 defence or higher to use. It can be bought from the Barbarian Assault Reward Shop for a total of 375 points in all four roles and one Penance Queen kill. The item is untradable so players who want to receive it must complete Barbarian Assault for the points to purchase it.

The torso provides the same offensive strength bonus as the Bandos Chestplate. This makes it a great item for players on a budget as it is essentially free to obtain.

Fighter Torso Stats

osrs fighter torso stats
Fighter Torso stats

Uses for the Torso – where is it good?

Anywhere that you are using melee this item is great for. As previously mentioned it offers the same strength bonus as the bandos chestplate and inquisitor’s hauberk. It is only beaten in damage output by the torva platebody. This makes the torso a great budget option for players wanting to train melee or have strong offensive melee bonuses for bossing.

Is the Fighter Torso worth it?

Yes, untradable items such as the fighter torso are very important for account progression. Every mid-level player should make having this item one of their primary goals. As it is one of the best melee items in the game and costs nothing to obtain.

Moreover, the torso is also needed for completing Falo the Bard steps. So, if one of your end game goals is to complete master clue scrolls, then getting this item early will be worthwhile.

How long does it take to get a Fighter Torso in osrs?

With an average team it will take around 4 to 5 hours of Barbarian Assault before you are able to purchase the Torso. However, there are boosting services in various discords and clan chats that will speed this process up. A competent team of boosters can get you the torso in less than 2 hours. But, you will have to pay a premium, which is not worth for the average player.

Is Bandos better than the torso?

Technically yes, the bandos chestplate is slightly better because it provides significant defensive bonuses. However, defensive stats aren’t as important for basic melee training, meaning its generally not worth investing the extra money into buying bandos unless you’re already very wealthy.