OSRS Torva Armour

The Torva armour set is a staple among all high level PvM player banks and can be obtained exclusively from Nex. However, when dropped from Nex, it will be in a broken form. Players will need to use bandosian components to fix the Torva armour. These can be obtained by dismantling bandos pieces, such as the bandos tassets and bandos chestplate, obtained from General Graardor.

Torva Stats

As previously mentioned, Torva provides the best offensive melee stats in the game. The full helm provides a +8 strength bonus, the platebody provides +6 strength and the platelegs provide +4. A significant increase over bandos and the Neitiznot Faceguard. A full breakdown of the sets stats can be found below.

osrs Torva armour set stats
Torva armour set stats

Does Torva degrade in OSRS?

No, torva does not degrade in OSRS. Players may have remembered that in the original runescape and runescape 3 game, Torva did degrade. However, when it was re-released into Oldschool Runescape, the development team decided to remove the degradable aspect of the armour.

How much does Torva cost?

The full set costs roughly 1 billion gp as of early 2024. However, you can check for yourself over at the Grand Exchange.

Is Torva worth it?

The torva armour set should be a low priority item to buy in osrs. Due to its high price it is generally not worth it until you already have an extremely large bank. Weapons should always take a higher priority than armour, so make sure you have items such as the Twisted Bow, Scythe of Vitur and Tumeken’s Shadow before investing in Torva.

What is the drop rate of Torva?

When killing Nex, each individual torva piece has a drop rate of 1/258.