OSRS 1 Defence Pure Guide

A one defence pure is a type of pking build that does not train defence. The objective is to maintain the lowest combat level possible, while maximising offensive capabilities. Combat brackets for 1 def pures range from level 50 to level 90.

Optimal Stats for a 1 Defence Pure

Important Quest Rewards

Maximising the amount of strong untradeable quest rewards you can have on the account is important when building a pure. Players should look to complete the following quests for the following items:

  • Horror from the Deep – to unlock God Books
  • Mage Arena 1 – to unlock God Capes
  • Desert Treasure 1 – to unlock Ancient Magicks
  • Recipe for Disaster (5 miniquests) – to unlock Mithril Gloves
  • Animal Magnetism – to unlock Ava’s Accumulator
  • Death Plateau – to unlock Climbing Boots
  • Monkey Madness 1 – to unlock Dragon Scimitar
  • Lost City – to unlock Dragon Dagger

One of the most iconic items for 1 def pures is the dragon scimitar and mithril gloves. Be sure to check out our guide to obtain mithril gloves.

Levelling Prayer with Quests

Since each 1 def pure account will have a specific prayer level they want to cap experience at. It’s efficient to complete all the necessary quests that give prayer experience before hitting this cap. These quests can be found listed below:

  • Rag and Bone Man I – 500 exp
  • Making History – 1,000 exp
  • Recruitment Drive – 1,000 exp
  • The Restless Ghost – 1,125 exp
  • Priest in Peril – 1,406 exp
  • Mountain Daughter – 2,000 exp
  • Ghosts Ahoy – 2,400 exp
  • Another Slice of H.A.M. – 3,000 exp (Level 25 required)
  • Rag and Bone Man II – 5,000 exp
  • The Great Brain Robbery – 6,000 exp (Level 50 required)
  • Rum Deal – 7,000 exp (Level 47 required)
  • Spirits of the Elid – 8,000 exp
  • Swan Song – 10,000 exp

Some one defence pures can opt to stay at level 1 prayer for the lowest combat level. Alternatively, at 44 prayer all overheads and eagle eye is unlocked, level 45 for mystic might and level 52 for smite.

Attack Exp through Questing

For the same reason you’d want to train prayer with questing can be applied to training attack. As you may be limited as to which quests you can do after capping your attack level on a one defence pure. Quests that give attack include:

  • Vampyre Slayer – 4,825 exp
  • Tree Gnome Village – 11,450 exp
  • The Grand Tree – 18,400 exp
  • Waterfall Quest – 13,750 exp
  • Death Plateau – 3,000 exp (climbing boots access requirement)
  • Fight Arena – 12,175 exp

If you complete all of these quests from level 1 attack and strength, it will result in your account finishing at level 45 attack and level 30 strength. So, its actually highly advised to do these quests for efficient melee training, particularly the waterfall quest.