OSRS Inquisitor Armour

The Inquisitor Armour is a set that specialises in providing high attack bonuses for crush based melee attacks. The set requires a minimum of 70 strength and 30 defence to equip. It shares the same strength bonus as bandos armour, but offers a boost to crush. However, this also comes with negative slash and stab bonuses.

Each individual piece can only be obtained as a unique reward from the Nightmare (and its Phosani version). Moreover, each piece of the set functions as a zamorak item for protection inside the God Wars Dungeon.

Inquisitor Armour Stats

osrs Inquisitor Armour Stats
Inquisitor Armour Stats

Set effect

A passive effect is applied to the set. Each piece of the set provides an additional boost to crush based accuracy and damage by 0.5%. This is increased to a total of 2.5% damage and accuracy when all three pieces of the set are worn at once.

What is Inquisitor Armour used for?

The Inquisitor set is super useful for killing monsters that are weak to crush based attacks. Additionally, any monsters that have high defence and require the use of the Dragon Warhammer to lower its defence, the inquisitor armour is great for. As it provides a huge boost to the accuracy of the Dragon Warhammers special attack. Some of the places you will find the set useful for include:

Inquisitor Vs Bandos

Inquisitor should be used purely against monsters that are weak to crush or in situations where you are relying on DWH specs landing. For general melee based combat the bandos set will generally be better as it has no negative bonuses and with the Neitiznot Faceguard you can get a higher amount of strength bonus. The bandos set also has far superior defensive stats which can be useful for extending slayer trips or endurance based bossing tasks such as Grotesque Guardians and Dagannoth Kings.

Is the Inquisitor Armour set worth it?

Yes, the inquisitors set is a great addition to any players bank as one of the best melee sets in OSRS. Particularly if you are interested in high-level pvming. As the set can be very useful for advanced level raiding, if you are comfortable with bringing a large amount of items to raids. Then it can be great for increasing the probability of DWH specs landing. Furthermore, it is great against monsters weak to crush such as KQ and Cerberus.

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