OSRS Bandos Chestplate

The Bandos Chestplate (BCP) is an iconic piece of melee armour in OSRS. It requires a minimum of level 65 defence to equip and is obtained as a unique drop from General Graardor and his minions. When worn in the God Wars Dungeon this item will provide protection to the bandos fraction.

Bandos Chestplate Stats

OSRS Bandos Chestplate Stats
Bandos Chestplate Stats

The chest plate provides +4 strength bonus, similar to the fighter torso and inquisitor’s hauberk. However, the BCP offers significantly more defensive bonuses.

Bandos Chestplate Vs Fighter Torso

The fighter torso has the same strength bonus, making the damage output essentially identical. The main difference is the defensive bonus of bandos is significantly higher. Defensive bonuses are generally less relevant at the majority of places around the game.

Therefore, unless you have no other significant upgrades you can make the fighter torso is usually better. So, that you can use the money you would of spent on a BCP on something else.

Uses for the Bandos Chestplate – where is it good?

Bandos armour is some of the best melee armour in the game, it is only beaten by the Torva armour set. This makes it an ideal armour for melee and slayer training, as well as bossing. The additional defensive bonuses make it particularly useful at places such as:

Is the Bandos Chestplate worth it?

For players with a medium to large sized bank, that can not yet afford to upgrade to torva, then the Bandos Chestplate will be worth it. However, those on a tight budget will find the money is better invested elsewhere and using the fighter torso for free will be the best option.


Bandos pieces such as the chestplate can also be dismantled to create bandosian components. These components are required to fix the broken torva armours dropped by Nex. To create working pieces of the torva armour set.

The chestplate can be dismantled to form 3 bandosian components, whereas the bandos tassets can only be dismantled to form 2 componenets.