OSRS Master Clue Scrolls Guide

Master Clues are the hardest tier of clue scroll currently in osrs. Unlike other tiers of clue scroll, they can not be obtained directly from monster drops or while skilling. Master clue scrolls can only be obtained by exchanging all four lower tiers of clue scroll, easy, medium, hard and elite clues to Watson. In return he will give you one master clue scroll.

Upon completion of a master clue scroll, there is a 1/15 chance that the reward casket will turn into a mimic. Check out our Mimic Guide for more on this.

Efficient Gear & Inventory Setup

osrs master clue scroll gear setup
Gear & Inventory Setup

If you do not own a max cape, this can be switched out for any cape with the Ava’s effect. Also, if you have a construction or crafting skill cape, then add these to your inventory for their useful teleports.

Wilderness Step Setup

osrs master clue scroll wilderness gear setup
Wildy Step Gear & Inventory Setup

When venturing to the wilderness for clue scroll steps, its recommended to reduce your risk from the initial setup. Banking additional teleportation items such as the master scroll book and Xeric’s Talisman.

Falo the Bard & Sherlock

With the use of bank tags, try to keep the items required for Sherlock and Falo the Bard in close proximity to each other. You can find all the items you need for the Sherlock and Falo the Bard steps here.

Importance of Teleports

Efficient and quick use of teleportation spells is critical to completing master clues quickly and efficiently. Each master clue should take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete, if using the closest teleports for each step. This spreadsheet shows you the closest teleport to a specific step.