OSRS Secrets of the North Quest Guide

The Secrets of the North quest is a Master difficulty level quest in the Mahjarrat series. Which sees the player form alliances with Mahjarrats Hazeel and General Khazard. To assist with solving the murder of Sir Ceril Carnillean, the quest sees the player lead into the depths of Weiss to fight the Phantom Muspah.


  • Making Friends with My Arm
  • Devious Minds
  • Hazeel Cult
  • The General’s Shadow
  • 100 Coins
  • Lockpick
  • Tinderbox (obtainable during quest)
  • 85+ Combat
  • Teleport to Weiss
  • Ardougne cloak teleport or other method of getting to Ardougne
  • Poison protection

Quest Walkthrough

Death in the Family

Make your way to the Carnillean Mansion, speak to the Guard and select yes. Climb up the stairs and speak to Guard once more. Inspect the broken window and Ceril’s corpse. Next, knock on the false wall and climb up the ladder, then enter the hidden room (up the ladder) and inspect the chest. Finally, speak to the guard and select options 1-1-2-1.

The Trail

For this section, you will need 100 coins and combat equipment to defeat a level 148. First, head to the Bar at Fight Arena, speak to the Khazard Barman and select option 3. Next, track down Evelot by inspecting the following during each track revealed:

  • North-west Boulder
  • North-east Bush
  • East Bush
  • Tree Stump
  • Another Boulder
  • Barrels outside bar entrance

Find Evelot again to begin the fight. Be wary of her special attack which disables protection prayers and drains your prayer every few attacks. Finish the conversation after defeating her.

A Mysterious Benefactor

A lockpick is required to complete this section of the quest. Start by heading to the Hazeel Cult hideout, the entrance is via the Ardougne Sewers, south-east of the Clock Tower. Board the raft, then talk to Alomone or Clivet, depending on if you sided with Hazeel or not. Talk to Hazeel then return to the Carnillean Mansion to talk to the Guard.

Climb down the ladder in the house and talk to Claus the Chef. Search the cooking shelves in the south-west corner and press 1. Look for the inspect option on the wall near the noticeboard, inspect it and enter the passage. Next, pick the lock on the chest, you will need to move the pins along to specific positions. They will appear a blue colour if the number is accurate but the position is wrong, and appear green if the pin is in the correct position. Once successfully picked, inspect the dusty scroll and bring it to Hazeel.

The North

This section requires a Tinderbox, which can also be obtained during and combat equipment to defeat a level 262. A form of poison protection is also highly recommended.

Start by heading to the north side of Weiss and speak to Big Fish. Next, run to the main building to find Snowflake, select option 1 (or option 2 if you do not have the Weiss fire notes). Run back and speak to Big Fish, using options 1-1-1. Run down the stairs of the main building and through the cave entrance in the south of the area.

A cutscene will occur, after it you will need to fight the assassin. He will attack melee or ranged, using the opposite style to what the player is protecting against. The assassin will throw smoke bombs around the room, lure him into the smoke to damage him. He will also use a poison attack, which is why poison protection was recommended.

osrs secrets of north fighting the assassin
Fighting the Assassin

Once the assassin is dead, talk to Hazeel at the cave entrance and select option 4. Search the barrel to the south of the room, where you will find a lever handle. Go to the center room by using the code BLOOD to open the gate. Open the north chest using the code 7402, obtaining an icy chest. There will be four braziers, light them in the following order: North-West, South-East, North-East, South-West. Then, open the western chest to find a jewel shard. Go to the northern room and press the LEFT – UP – LEFT – DOWN arrows in that exact order to unlock the gate.

Pull the lever mechanism down and go to the south-western pillar to inspect it. You will now have two jewel shards, use them on each other, then use the ancient jewel on the icy chest. Open the gate south of the middle room with the icy key you have obtained.

Final Boss fight

Gear with ranged and mage gear to fight the level 368 strange creature. When the monster appears brown, it will use melee attacks, kite it using your mage gear to damage it. When it appears green it will use range attacks, use protect from missiles and attack it with range. At 20% health it will launch a shockwave, it can be dodged by standing behind any of the spikes it has created in the arena during the fight.

secrets of the north boss fight osrs
Fighting the strange creature

Once the fight is complete a cutscene will occur, accept Hazeels teleport with option 1 and return to the guard at Carnillean Mansion to complete the quest.

Quest Rewards

OSRS Secrets of the North rewards