OSRS Tempoross Guide

Tempoross is a minigame-styled boss in OSRS. It is fought using non-combat skills, similar to Zalcano and Wintertodt. The spirit anglers are a group of fishers on the coast of Al Kharid, they setup a port at the Ruins of Unkah, where the Tempoross is found. To start a game of Tempoross you must have a minimum of 35 fishing.

Where to fight the Tempoross?

Tempoross is located in the Desert, to the south-west of Pollineveach and to the south of Bandit Camp. To get there use one of the following methods:

  • Ferryman Sathwoods boat, located south of the Al-Kharid bank. This will take you directly to the Tempoross port.
  • Pharaoh’s sceptre to teleport using the Jaldraocht option and head south-west.
  • Camulet teleport to Enakhra’s Temple then run south.
  • Magic carpet to Menaphos and run north-west.
osrs Tempoross location
Tempoross location

Fighting Tempoross

To initiate the battle with Tempoross in Old School RuneScape, players must board a ship found at the end of the dock in the Ruins of Unkah. The encounter can be done individually or with a group. Captain Dudi will announce the countdown for the next departure when a player is on-board.

Upon departing from the dock, players will reach Tempoross Cove on board one of the ships, to help defeat the Tempoross. Equipment such as ropes, buckets, hammers, and harpoons can be found in crates on deck for players who may have lost or forgotten their own.

To defeat Tempoross, players must assist the anglers in draining its essence to zero. The first step is to deplete its energy by firing cannons on the decks of the ships using harpoonfish as ammunition. These fish can be caught at harpoon spots in the waters surrounding the island, and can be cooked for increased damage. Occasionally, a fishing spot will have jumping harpoonfish, which increases the chance of catching two at a time. Raw harpoonfish drain 10 energy per fish, while cooked fish drain 15 energy per fish. In solo mode, Tempoross starts with an energy level of 266 at 100%.

osrs tempoross harpoonfish

Once the energy of Tempoross is completely depleted, the second phase of the battle begins. During this phase, players must catch the energized fish from Tempoross by fishing at the whirlpool located at the end of each dock. This will reduce its essence. If its essence is fully depleted before Tempoross has a chance to restore its energy, it will retreat, and the encounter is considered a success.

However, if Tempoross fully regains its energy before its essence is completely depleted, it will resurface and the first phase of the fight will restart. Any essence depleted in the second phase will remain gone. This cycle can be repeated up to three times before Tempoross becomes “enraged” and gains too much energy, resulting in an unsuccessful encounter.

While fishing energised fish your run energy will slowly restore, in intervals of 3%.

Attacks from Tempoross

During the battle, Tempoross will try to disrupt the player’s progress by using a variety of attacks. These attacks do not cause direct damage to the player. Instead they impede the player’s movement and can cause players to lose some of the fish and tools, such as your Rope, Hammer, Bucket, Bucket of water, Harpoonfish, and raw Harpoonfish.

Wave attack

A huge wave will sweep across the entire cove, pushing players back if they have not dodged the attack. The only way to dodge the wave is by using a rope to tether yourself to a mast or totem pole. Make sure if the totems or masts become damaged during the fight that you are actively repairing them with a hammer. Each repair is worth 40 points so it is worthwhile to do so anyway.

tempoross Wave Attack osrs
Tempoross Wave Attack

Lightning Attack

Grey, large clouds will begin to move over areas of the island during this attack. They will launch a lightning bolt attack on the ground, which will result in a fire. These fires need to be put out with buckets of water, quickly, or the fires will spread around the island. Fires are bad as they block the pathing of players.

lightning attack osrs tempoross
Lightning Attack

Torrent Attack

Tempoross will launch a swirling pillar of water towards one of the cannons on the ship. Resulting in the cannon being disabled and stunning any player that is currently using the cannon. Simply step away from the cannon when you see it is being targeted like in the gif below.

osrs tempoross Torrent Attack
Torrent Attack


  • Collect raw harpoonfish by fishing the spots around the Tempoross Cove. 5 points rewarded for each fish collected.
  • Cook raw harpoonfish, this will increase the amount of damage each one does when they are used as ammunition. 10 points rewarded for each fish cooked.
  • Deposit harpoonfish into the crates on the ships, near the cannons. Each raw harpoonfish will give 20 points, cooked harpoonfish will yield 65 points.
  • Repair the Totems and Masts as they become damaged. Rewards the player with 40 points per repair, but requires a hammer to repair.
  • Dousing Fires created by the Tempoross’ special lightning attack. 40 points per fire doused.
  • Survive the wave attack by tethering yourself to a totem or mast. 10 points per wave.
  • Harpoon the Spirit Pool to drain the essence of Tempoross. 55 points rewarded per scatter.

Experience Rates

Experience rates need to be split into two separate categories. This is “not cooking” and “cooking” as if you choose to cook the Harpoonfish you will get higher points, therefore, better loot but considerably worse experience rates. Likewise, not cooking the Harpoonfish results in significantly higher experience rates with worse loot.

Not Cooking

Without cooking Harpoonfish, experience rates start at around 30k fishing exp per hour at level 35. Scaling up to 92k at level 99 if the player has a crystal harpoon or 70k with a regular harpoon. The experience rates can be found in the table below.

tempoross experience rates when not cooking
Exp/Hour (not cooking)


With cooking Harpoonfish, experience rates start at around 22k per hour for level 35 fishing. Scaling up to 70k per hour with a crystal harpoon, or 64k with a regular harpoon. The experience rates are again shown in the table below.

tempoross experience rates when cooking osrs
Exp/Hour (cooking)

Spirit Anglers outfit

The spirit anglers outfit is one of the most sought after rewards in Tempoross. It is mostly a cosmetic upgrade from the original Anglers outfit, but also acts as a rope to tether to masts and poles during the minigame. To convert your regular Anglers to Spirit Anglers pieces, you will need 1,200 spirit flakes per piece. So, 4,800 in total for the full set, future conversions back and forth do not cost.