OSRS God Wars Dungeon

The God Wars Dungeon is a dungeon where the armies left over from the God Wars fight among themselves. Players are required to complete the Deaths Plateau quest before being able to gain access to Trollheim and the God Wars Dungeon.

How to get to the God Wars Dungeon?

The God Wars Dungeon is located north of Trollheim. The fastest method to get there is by using Ghommal’s hilt teleport directly to the entrance. Although this requires completion of the easy combat achievement diary. For players without this complete, they can use the following methods to reach the God Wars Dungeon:

  • Complete Eadgar’s ruse quest and use the Trollheim Teleport spell or tablet. Make your way down the mountain side and run north through the boulder and into the dungeons entrance.
  • Teleport to Burnthorpe and run through Death’s Plateau up to Trollheim and then into the entrance.
OSRS How to get to the God Wars Dungeon
Route to God Wars Dungeon

God Wars Dungeon Sections

The main dungeon consists of one central area, whereby the four warring factions fight amongst one another. There is then four god wars bases all with their own skill requirement to gain access. With the fifth and final area requiring all four skill requirements to access.

Armadyl’s Quarters

The Armadyl base is located on the south-west side of the God Wars Dungeon. It requires a minimum of 70 ranged to access. Players will also need a Crossbow and a Mithril grapple. Players must use their crossbow to grapple along a pillar from the main area into Armadyl’s Eyrie.

OSRS Armadyl's Quarters
Armadyl’s Quarters

Bandos’ Stronghold area

The Bandos stronghold is located on the North-west side of the God Wars Dungeon. The area requires a minimum of 70 strength to access. You will also need a hammer, which can be obtained by killing goblins if you have forgot. Alternatively the Dragon Warhammer or any other warhammer will work as an alternative.

Saradomin’s Base

The Saradomin encampment is located on the South-east side of the Dungeon. Players will need a minimum of 70 agility to enter. In addition to 2 ropes for first-time entries. The ropes are tied to two rocks which allow the player to abseil down into the base.

OSRS Saradomin's Base
Saradomin’s Base

Zamorak’s Fortress

The base camp for Zamorak can be found in the North-east region of the Dungeon. To gain access players must have a minimum hit points level of 70. You will need to cross a river to enter the Zamorak fortress, this will cause your prayer points to be immediately drained to 0.

Ancient Prison

In the south-centre of the main GWD area players will find a frozen door. This is the entrance to the Ancient Prison which houses Nex. To gain entry players will need 70+ in Agility, Hitpoints, Ranged and Strength. You will also need a frozen key for first time entry, this is obtained by killing each of the four previous god wars dungeon bosses.

OSRS Frozen Door
Frozen Door

What monsters are in the God Wars Dungeon?

The God Wars Dungeon is made up of 5 primary bosses and a range of regular monsters. Each boss has multiple different low to high level monsters that surround their primary dungeon. Without the use of an ecumenical key 40 of these monsters must be killed to access the bosses dungeon. This scales down with completion of the Combat Achievement diary tiers.

Regular Monsters

God Wars Generals

As previously mentioned, the God Wars Dungeon is home to five warring Generals. The main area of the dungeon is comprised of the Bandos’ General, Armadyl’s General, Zamorak’s General and Saradomin’s General. The fifth boss is the Zaros’ General – Nex. The Nex boss can be found inside the Ancient Prison, to access it players must have killed all four other GWD bosses to obtain a key for entry. Nex is the most powerful of all God Wars Generals.