OSRS Best Melee Boots

Melee boots are an important part of any melee gear setup and knowing how to upgrade them is important to your overall account and melee gear progression. Melee boots provide a boost to your strength bonus in many situations, which is important for max hits and more damage. Making them especially important if you want to create the best melee gear setups.

What are the best Melee Boots in OSRS?

  1. Primordial Boots
  2. Dragon Boots
  3. Spiked Manacles
  4. Guardian Boots
  5. Climbing Boots

1. Primordial Boots

The Primordial Boots are the best in slot melee boot, offering a +5 strength bonus, beneficial for increasing max hits. To equip the boots you will need a minimum of level 75 strength and defence. They are essentially an upgraded pair of dragon boots.

How to get the Primordial Boots?

Players will need to obtain a Primordial Crystal from killing Cerberus. Then with 60 Runecraft and Magic players can combine the crystal with the dragon boots to create the Primordials.

Combat Stats

osrs primordial boots
Primordial Stats

2. Dragon Boots

The Dragon Boots are one of OSRS’s most iconic items. They are effectively the second best melee boot in the game, behind only the Primordial Boots. These boots provide a +4 strength bonus and require a minimum of level 60 defence to equip. They are seen as the best and most popular stop-gap item before buying the Primordials. As the Dragon Boots are significantly more cheaper, making them very accessible for players on a budget.

How to get Dragon Boots?

The Dragon Boots are dropped exclusively from Spiritual Mages in the God Wars Dungeon. They drop at a fairly common rate of 1/128, however, these monsters require level 83 slayer to kill.

Combat Stats

osrs dragon boots stats
Dragon Boots Stats

3. Guardian Boots

The Guardian Boots are a pair of melee boots that predominantly function as a defensive boot. However, they do also provide a strength bonus of +3 and are significantly cheaper than the primordial boots. They are still more expensive than the dragon boots, but the defensive boost may be beneficial at the sacrifice of 1 or 2 strength bonus. Particularly if the loss of strength bonus does not result in a max hit loss. These boots require a minimum of level 75 defence to wear.

How to get the Guardian Boots?

The Guardian Boots are an upgraded version of the bandos boots. They are made by combining the bandos boots with a black tourmaline core. The bandos boots are of course obtained from General Graardor, while the black tourmaline core is obtained from Grotesque Guardians.

Combat Stats

osrs guardian boots stats
Guardian Boots Stats

4. Climbing Boots

The Climbing Boots are a pair of relatively weak melee boots in comparison to the others listed in this post. They provide a strength bonus of only +2. However, they have no level or defence requirements to wear them and they are extremely cheap and easy to obtain. For this reason they are popular for a variety of reasons, some of these reasons include pking setups, particularly for limited pking builds and they’re also great for ironmen in mid to low level account progression.

How to get Climbing Boots?

The Climbing Boots can be bought from Tenzing’s shop for 12 gold coins each. The Shop is located on the Death Plateau, so is easily accessible from Burnthorpe or a Warriors Guild teleport.

Combat Stats

osrs climbing boots stats
Climbing Boots Stats

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