OSRS Red Chinchompas Guide

The Red Chinchompas is the second highest tier of Chinchompa in the game. It requires a minimum of level 63 hunter to catch them. While they provide less profit and experience per hour than their black chinchompas counterpart, they are not in a wilderness location. Making them significantly more chill and consistent.

Requirements to catch Red Chinchompas?

  • 63+ Hunter
  • 4+ Box Traps
  • Eagle’s Peak quest

Where to catch Red Chinchompas?

Currently there are three locations to hunt red chinchompas. These are as follows:

  • Feldip Hunter area
  • Gwenith Hunter area
  • Red Chinchompa hunting ground.

The red chinchompa hunting ground can only be accessed after competion of the hard western provinces diary. Additionally, the Gwenith hunter area is in Prifddinas, therefore, completion of the Song of the Elves quest is required.

Catch Rate

When starting out at level 63 hunter, the catch rate for red chins is around 45.7%. This gradually scales up to 89.45% at level 99 hunter. You can see a visual representation of the catch rate at different levels in the image below.

osrs red chinchompa catch rate
Red Chin catch rate

3-tick Hunter

3-tick hunter can be used to increase the amount of chinchompas you can catch every hour. For this you will need to use a Teak/Mahogany log on a knife or you can use guam/tarromin/marrentill on swamp tar (with a pestle and mortar in your inventory). Below is a video example of how 3-tick hunter looks.

Red Chinchompa FAQs

How profitable are Red Chinchompas?

Red Chinchompas hourly profit is around 500-600k depending on prices and your hunter level. This scales up the higher your level. Additionally, using 3-tick hunter will increase this.

How much Hunter XP per hour are Red Chinchompas?

With 3-tick hunter it is possible to achieve xp rates of up to 170,000 hunter xp per hour. Although at around level 80 players can expect between 100,000 and 110,000.

Baby Chinchompa drop rate

The drop rate for the chinchompa pet varies depending on your hunter level. However, the base chance is 98,373 and the chance at level 99 is 95,898 when hunting red chins. A full breakdown of all the drop sources for the pet and the rates can be seen in the image below.

osrs Baby chinchompa pet drop rate
Baby chinchompa pet drop rate

Where is the best spot for red chinchompas?

The red chinchompa hunting ground is the best place to hunt red chins, as it requires completion of the hard western diary. This means there is a reduced percentage of the player base with access to the area.

The second best spot would be the Gwenith Hunter area, again as it requires completion of the Song of the Elves quest. The Feldip hunter area is the third best spot to go to but has the lowest requirements.