OSRS Elite Clue Scrolls Guide

Elite Clue Scrolls are the second highest tier of clue scrolls, only the master clue scroll is more challenging. Other clue scrolls include; beginner, easy, medium and hard. To complete this clue scroll it will take between 5 and 7 steps. On average the loot from an elite clue scroll will be around 200k. But, there is the potential for big ticket items such as the 3rd age weapons and cloak.

Upon completion of an Elite Clue Scroll there is a 1/35 chance to obtain a Mimic Casket. Check out our Mimic Guide for more on this.

Efficient Gear & Inventory Setup

osrs elite clue scrolls setup
Gear Setup

If you don’t have a max cape, you can replace it with an Ava’s or range skill cape. If you have the construction or crafting skill capes these can be brought for teleports.

It is also recommended to keep the following items near each other in the bank, and make them easily accessible:

osrs teleport tabs elite clues

Sherlock Steps

Make efficient use of the Bank Tags plugin if you have it for Sherlock steps. By keeping all the necessary items you need to complete Sherlock steps in one central tab that is easily accessible will make it easier and quicker to complete these clues.

Fastest methods of obtaining Elite Clue Scrolls

  1. Cremating Urium shades (26 minutes on average to get an elite).
  2. Lava Dragons (40 minutes on average to get an elite).
  3. Sarachnis (1 hour on average to get an elite).
  4. Barrows (1 hour on average to get an elite).
  5. Venenatis (1 hour 20 minutes on average to get an elite).


Using the closest possible teleports to where you need to go for your clue step is important. As it will drastically increase your completion times and allow you to get more clues completed in the same amount of time. To find the closest teleports to a specific step, check out this google spreadsheet.