OSRS Slayer Masters

Slayer Masters in OSRS are non-player characters who provide players with slayer task assignments to train the Slayer skill. There are various different slayer masters that can be used for various different benefits. Each master has its own specific requirements in terms of combat and/or slayer level. With higher requirements providing more difficult and longer tasks than lower tier masters.

Furthermore, slayer masters have their own equipment shop for slayer equipment. There is also a rewards shop that provides different unlocks and perks for slayer reward points.

Slayer Masters

Slayer MasterRequirementsPoints per taskAdditional Notes
SpriaNone0A Porcine of Interest quest completion required
KrystiliaNone25Wilderness only tasks
Mazchna20+ Combat2Priest in Peril quest completion required
Vannaka40+ Combat4
Chaeldar70+ Combat10Lost City quest completion required
Konar75+ Combat18 (20 with elite Kourend diary)Specific locations for your slayer assignments
Nieve85+ Combat12 (15 with elite Western Provinces diary)
Duradel100+ Combat50+ Slayer15Shilo Village quest completion required


Turael provides the easiest slayer tasks of any master in the game. With no requirements he is the best option for low level players looking to start slayer training.

Additionally, if players are completing slayer assignments that they do not wish to do, then they can travel to Turael in Burnthorpe and ask him for an easier task. This can effectively be used to skip difficult assignments or assignments you do not want to complete. As it is significantly faster to complete Turael’s tasks than tasks from other masters. You can learn more about this with our OSRS Turael skipping guide.

Completing tasks from Turael does not grant any slayer reward points.

osrs turael location
Location of Turael


Spria is the daughter of Turael, she shares an identical task list and weighting. However, she can only be accessed after completion of the Porcine of Interest quest. Similar to Turael, Spria will not reward the player with any slayer points.

osrs Location of Spria
Spria location


Krystilia is the Wilderness Slayer master, all of her task assignments must be completed in the wilderness. While killing the various monsters assigned by Krystilia, players can obtain Larran’s Keys. These can be used to claim additional rewards at Larran’s chest in the deep wildy.

She provides the highest slayer points of any master in osrs. Additionally, her task completion counter is separate from other slayer masters. So you’ll have to do a minimum of 5 tasks before receiving points.

Krystilia rewards slayer points at the following rate:

  • 25 points per task
  • 125 points every 10th task
  • 375 points every 50th task
  • 625 points every 100th task
  • 875 points every 250th task
  • 1250 points every 1000th task
Location of Krystilia osrs
Krystilia location osrs


Mazchna is the third easiest slayer master in OSRS. Requiring a minimum of 20 combat to be assigned tasks from him. He can be found on the north-east side of Canifis, as shown in the image below.

Mazchna rewards slayer points at the following rate:

  • 2 points per task
  • 5 points every 10th task
  • 15 points every 50th task
  • 50 points every 100th task
  • 70 points every 250th task
  • 100 points every 1000th task
osrs Location of Mazchna
Location of Mazchna


Vannaka is a mid-tier slayer master, to use him for slayer training you will need a minimum of level 40 combat or higher. He can be found below edgeville, in the Edgeville Dungeon, just west of the tunnel to the Moss Giants.

Vannaka rewards slayer points at the following rate:

  • 4 points per task
  • 20 points every 10th task
  • 60 points every 50th task
  • 100 points every 100th task
  • 140 points every 250th task
  • 200 points every 1000th task
osrs Location of Vannaka
Location of Vannaka


Another mid-tier slayer master, Chaeldar requires a minimum combat level of 70 to use. You will also need to have completed the Lost City quest. Sge can be found in the southern part of Zanaris, by the Fairy Queen.

Chaeldar rewards slayer points at the following rate:

  • 10 points per task
  • 50 points every 10th task
  • 150 points every 50th task
  • 250 points every 100th task
  • 350 points every 250th task
  • 500 points every 1000th task
osrs Location of Chaeldar
Location of Chaeldar


A slayer master that requires a minimum of 75 combat to use. Konar is one of the harder masters and has a unique method for assigning tasks. Where players will be asked to complete a specific task in a specific location. For example, players may be asked to kill Nechryael in the Slayer Tower.

Players may also obtain brimstone keys which can be used to open the brimstone chest. The chest is located next to Konar, on the southern side of Mount Karuulm.

Konar quo Maten rewards players with slayer points at the following rate:

  • 18 (20) points per task
  • 90 (100) points every 10th task
  • 270 (300) points every 50th task
  • 450 (500) points every 100th task
  • 630 (700) points every 250th task
  • 900 (1,000) points every 1000th task

The bracketed number represents the points received after completing the elite Kourend and Kebod Diary.

osrs Location of Konar
Location of Konar


Officially the second hardest slayer master in the game, Nieve requires a minimum of 85 combat to use. After completion of Monkey Madness II, one of OSRS hardest quests, Nieve will be replaced by Steve. But, there is no difference in the assignments given. This master is located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, near the stronghold slayer cave.

Completion of Nieve slayer tasks will reward points at the following rate:

  • 12 (15) points per task
  • 60 (75) points every 10th task
  • 180 (225) points every 50th task
  • 300 (375) points every 100th task
  • 420 (525) points every 250th task
  • 600 (750) points every 1000th task

The bracketed number represents the points received after completing the elite Western Provinces diary.

osrs Location of Nieve
Location of Nieve


Duradel is the top tier slayer master, providing the most difficult tasks in OSRS. He requires a minimum of 100 combat, 50 slayer and completion of the Shilo Village quest to use. Located in the Shilo Village, on the platform above the river.

Duradel rewards slayer points at the following rate:

  • 15 points per task
  • 75 points every 10th task
  • 225 points every 50th task
  • 375 points every 100th task
  • 525 points every 250th task
  • 750 points every 1000th task
osrs Location of Duradel
Location of Duradel

Slayer Master FAQ’s

Who is the best slayer master for Slayer XP?

For the fastest rates of slayer experience players should use Nieve or Duradel. The difference between the two is very minimal and normally depends on how you have optimised your block list.

Who is the best slayer master to use?

Krystilia, the wilderness slayer master is the best master for farming slayer points. While Nieve and Duradel are best for experience rates.

Who is the best low level slayer master?

At low levels you will want to use Turael. Then as you begin to unlock the other masters you can move on to using the best one you have access to. Mazchna and Vannaka are both great for low to mid levels.