OSRS Slayer Reward Unlock Order

This article will aim to look at the most efficient way to spend you slayer reward points during the early levels. With a focus on improving your future overall experience rates, while also providing convenience through useful unlocks.

First Unlock – Bigger and Badder

The first on the list is the bigger and badder unlock. This unlock gives you access to superior monsters. Not only do these monsters drop unique rewards such as the imbued heart or totem pieces when inside the Catacombs. But, they also provide a few thousand experience per kill, which can considerably speed up your path to 99 slayer.

osrs bigger and badder slayer unlock

Slayer Helmet Reward Unlock

The slayer helmet should be the second unlock on your list. This is an iconic and highly sought after item for any PvMer. The helmet gives a huge boost in accuracy and damage when attacking monsters you have been assigned as a slayer helmet. In turn speeding up the time each task takes you, resulting in increased rates of experience.

Ring Bling for Slayer Rings

Ring Bling is an awesome unlock to get in terms of its usability and convenience. When your player has access to slayer rings it makes getting around osrs and reaching different areas much easier. With direct access to areas such as the gnome stronghold slayer cave or the Fremennik slayer cave.

osrs ring bling slayer unlock

Like a Boss

Our fourth recomendation is the like a boss unlock. This one is a little more based on preference, if you want to keep aiming for experience rates then you might want to skip out on this unlock. But, if you’re interested in a challenging array of bosses to face, creating a great variety to your slayer training then this is for you. You’ll also make significantly better profit and increase your bank value with many of these tasks, through the likes of Zulrah, Vorkath and more.

To dust you shall return

Everyone knows dust devils provide some of the best slayer experience in the game currently. When you use barrage as the method to kill them in multi-combat areas such as Kourends Catacombs. This unlock allows you to be assigned more of them in one task. Increasing the amount of time you can spend receiving optimal rates of slayer experience.

Rune Pouch and/or Herb Sack

The rune pouch is a pivotal item in any PvMer’s bank. While it is not majorly important for ordinary slayer. You will find it critical in bossing scenarios later in the game. Particularly for raids such as CoX and ToB. Getting this as your 5th unlock will serve you well if you have plans of doing high level bossing in the future.

The Herb sack would be the final recommendation to get after you’ve got your rune pouch. Although, you could opt for it before the Rune Pouch. But, most players will find the rune pouch to be the more useful of the two.