OSRS Amulet of Blood Fury

The Amulet of Blood Fury is an upgrade version of the Amulet of Fury. It has identical stats, but provides a chance to heal the user when dealing melee damage. The amulet provides a 20% chance to heal the user for 30% of the damage dealt. The Amulet has 10,000 charges when created, before reverting to the original Fury Amulet.

Combat Stats

OSRS Amulet of Blood Fury Stats
Amulet of Blood Fury Stats

How to get a Blood Fury?

To create a Blood Fury amulet, players must attach a blood shard to an Amulet of Fury. The blood shard is obtained by killing Vyrewatch Sentinels or pickpocketing Vyres.

When created the amulet will hold 10,000 charges, with each hit costing one charge. If the amulet reaches 0 charges, the blood shard is lost and the fury is returned to its original state.

Does the Blood Fury work with ranged?

No, the Blood Fury only works for melee damage. Using the blood fury with ranged attacks will not benefit from the passive healing effect.

Amulet of Blood Fury uses

The Amulet of Blood Fury can be used to good effect in a number of melee-based combat situations. It is most effective when you need to conserve supplies and are taking consistent, unavoidable damage. In addition to combat situations where extending trips as long as possible is beneficial. Some examples of this include:

Is the Amulet of Blood Fury worth it?

The Blood Fury is worth it, but only for select situations, such as reducing your reliance on supplies and extending trips. But, using it as a direct replacement to the regular fury for all types of PVM isn’t worth the cost of constantly renewing blood shards.