OSRS Slayer Helmet

The Slayer Helmet is arguably one of Oldschool Runescapes most iconic items and can be acquired through the Slayer skill. It is created by combining various important piece of slayer equipment. The helmet requires a minimum of 10 defence to equip.

Slayer Helmet Stats

OSRS Slayer Helmet Stats
Slayer Helmet Stats

When worn on a slayer assignment the helmet provides a 16.67% boost to melee attacks. This only applies to the monsters you were assigned as a slayer task. This does not stack with boosts such as the Salve Amulet, but will stack with the berserker necklace when using obsidian weapons.


Players can imbue the slayer helmet through various methods including; the Nightmare Zone, Soul Wars and Emir’s Arena. When imbued the slayer helmet will provide a further 15% boost to ranged and magic attacks.

At nightmare zone the imbue cost is 1,250,000 points, soul wars is 500 tokens and you will need to obtain a scroll of imbuing if you chose to do Emir’s Arena.

Combining the Slayer and Shayzien helm

After completion of the hard Kourend & Kebos diary players can speak to Captain Cleive and he will teach you how to use the slayer helmet in place of the shayzien helm. For this to work you must have already obtained a level 5 shayzien helm.

How to make a Slayer Helmet?

The player must create the helm by themselves as it is an untradeable item. The requirements for this are to have at least 55 crafting (boostable) and to have unlocked the “Malevolent Masquerade” perk from any slayer master for 400 points. You will then need to combine the following items to create the mask:

  • Black Mask
  • Earmuffs
  • Facemask
  • Nose peg
  • Spiny Helmet
  • Enchanted gem
  • Reinforced googles

Uses for the Slayer Helmet – where is it good?

The slayer helmet should be used whenever you’re on a slayer task assignment. Make sure you have imbued the helm if you are choosing to use magic or ranged based combat to complete your assignment. It is best in slot for all tasks, but is particularly impressive for slayer bossing.

The slayer helmet is also a requirement for a master clue scroll step.

Is the Slayer Helm worth it?

Yes, the slayer helm should be one of your first slayer unlocks. As it is the best in slot helm for whenever you’re on a slayer assignment and provides a significant boost to damage. Making kills faster and easier, while using less supplies per task.