OSRS Solo CoX Guide

This guide is specifically aimed at players looking to complete the Chambers of Xeric in solo mode. Specifically the olm fight, as this is the biggest difference from teams. For the most part the pre-rooms can be completed in the same way you would in traditional teams.

It is not advised to learn solos before already having significant team KC (at least 25+).

Differences in pre-rooms when soloing

  • Bring high crush bonus weapon for Tekton.
  • Always chop the tree in Muttadiles.
  • Vespula grubs never need to be fed.
  • Vanguards you will be soloing, be careful of their hp. Follow the ranger as much as possible as you can use range on mager and mage on meleer by stepping inside the ranger.
  • Try to avoid Ice Demon it is the worst puzzle room for solos as you will not have surge.

Solo Learner gear setup

osrs solo cox learner setup
Solo gear setup for learner

This setup is specifically tailored for learners and has had some items you would expect to see a more advanced player take removed. Put humidify in your pouch for prep and flame walls when learning. This can later be changed to thralls when no-prepping and dodging walls.

Even if you have Shadow and Scythe it is not advised when learning. As 4 tick weapons are required to learn the basics of olm, you can later progress to 5 tick weapons. 5t weapons are significantly harder to learn (mainly the scythe methods) and considered an advanced tactic.

Melee method for Olm – 4:1

The 4:1 is generally seen as one of the most challenging parts of solo cox. But, it is often overcomplicated.

Olm will always repeat a specific attack pattern that lasts 16 ticks and consists of 4 attacks, 4 ticks each. This is why 4 tick weapons are important when learning. His attacks are as follows:

  1. Auto attack
  2. Empty Event
  3. Auto attack
  4. Special attack (crystals/lightning/teles)

Your goal is to tank his first auto attack and the empty event, also known as a null. Then you want to skip his second auto attack and his special attack. This means when the empty event occurs you will want to do your final hit then run to the middle tiles on the mage side, run back and attack the thumb of olm and then run to the pinky (melee side) and attack again. These two movements will effectively skip the auto attack and special attack.

To make sure you are always on the correct tick when attacking (1 tick behind olm) click the hand when you see him launch an attack. From there you will always find 3 potential solutions to set the hand into a 4:1 cycle. These are as follows:

  • Olm does an auto attack followed by empty event = you’re already in 4:1
  • Olm does a double auto attack = do 1x 3:1 then you’re in 4:1
  • Olm does a special attack = do 3x auto attacks yourself then you’re in 4:1

Video Explanation

Mage Method – 3:0

The mage method using a 4 tick weapon such as the sang staff or trident of the swamp is 0 damage. As you attack on a 4 tick cycle similarly to olm. This method is purely about getting the timing right so you are attacking on the correct tick. After that there is no other mechanical issues to think about.

Example of 3:0