OSRS Sanguinesti Staff

The Sanguinesti Staff, also known as the Sang Staff for short, is a powered staff in OSRS. It requires a minimum of 82 magic to equip and use in combat. The Sanguinesti Staff has a passive effect, which will heal you for half of the damage you deal to a target. This effect has a 1/6 chance of activating on a successful hit.

The staff is obtained exclusively as a unique reward from completing the Theatre of Blood. Players who complete the Theatre of Blood in hard mode will also have the chance of receiving a holy ornament kit. This kit can be added to the scythe, rapier or sang staff to altar its appearance cosmetically.

Sanguinesti Staff Stats

osrs Sanguinesti Staff Stats
Sanguinesti Staff Stats

How to charge the Sang Staff?

The Sang staff is charged using blood runes, each charge costs 3 blood runes. The staff is able to hold up to a maximum of 20,000 charges. Meaning to fully charge the item you will need a total of 60,000 blood runes. Simply use blood runes on the staff to charge it. Un-charging the item will return the remaining blood runes to the player.

Sanguinesti Staff Vs Toxic Trident

The sanguinesti staff is the better staff of the two. It has a slightly better max hit, and also provides the passive effect of healing the player. However, it is important to consider the cost, the sang staff is significantly more expensive to buy. In addition to its more costly up-keep.

The Trident of the Swamp therefore still has its uses. Mainly as a budget item, but it can also be good at low difficulty situations such as questing. Where you need a mage weapon, but don’t want to use blood runes. The trident also posses the ability to venom monsters which can be beneficial.

What is the Sanguinesti Staff good for?

The Sanguinesti Staff is super useful in any high-level pvm scenarios that require the use of a magic weapon. A few examples of these scenarios include; Kraken, DKS, Zulrah, Nightmare, Chambers of Xeric (especially solo CoX) and the Tombs of Amscut.

osrs Sanguinesti Staff animation
Sanguinesti Staff animation

Is the Sang Staff worth it?

Yes, the sang staff is a great purchase for any oldschool player. It is highly versatile and its passive healing effect makes it great for extending trips and preventing deaths. As the strongest 4 tick magic weapon it provides a great option for any magic based pvm gear setups.