OSRS Pking Builds

In the wilderness and pvp scenarios it’s well known that players with specific builds can have an advantage over those without. Optimising the levels you train and do not train allows you to pick the total combat level you will be. Allowing you to have an advantage over people in the same combat bracket when done correctly. There are a range of different pking builds that you can use, which we will discuss in this article.

1 Defence Pures

osrs pure build
Pure Build

1 Defence pures are accounts that keep their defence level one. They will usually max out their strength, ranged and magic levels to 99. However, each individual will normally stop at a different attack and/or prayer level depending on their goals. Traditionally, players will opt for either 40 attack, 50 attack, 60 attack or 75 attack.

40 attack accounts are predominately only for f2p pking. Whereas, the higher attack level accounts are for members worlds pking. 50 attack is to use the granite weapons, mainly the granite maul. 60 is for dragon weaponry such as the dragon claws, dds and dragon scimitar. 75 attack gives access to a variety of weapons, most importantly the armadyl godsword.

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Most 1 defence pures do not require a lot of questing as you can not complete many quests without receiving defence experience. However, the sub-quests to receive mithril gloves can be completed, making these gloves best in slot for 1 defence accounts. Check out our fastest mithril gloves guide here.

Obsidian Pures

Obsidian pures also have a defence level of 1. However, they keep their attack level at one too, they make use of the obsidian weapons such as the berzerker necklace and Tzhaar-ket-om which only has a strength requirement to wield.

Zerker (45 Defence) Builds

osrs zerker build
Zerker Stats

Similar to pures, zerkers will max out their range, strength and mage levels normally. And can opt for a variety of attack levels. Although, they will usually avoid being 50 attack and instead opt for 60, 75 or 99 attack.

Additionally, zerkers will get 45 defence. However, this is done through questing. By questing for rewards such as the barrows gloves they will receive quest rewards and defence experience. This pushes them closer to the 45 defence mark. This is often considerably more time-consuming than building a 1 defence pure.

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Void Pure (42 Defence)

The void pure is very similar to the zerker build. However, they will complete pest control in order to get the full void knight equipment. To equip the void gear you need a minimum of level 42 in each of the combat stats. It is an extremely powerful armour for ranged-heavy builds to use due to its damage and accuracy bonuses.

Again, to maximise the strength of the account you will want to gain the defensive experience from questing to get access to quest items such as the barrows gloves, ballista and more.

osrs void range pking setup
Void Pure

Ranged Tank

Often void pures will opt to progress their accounts into a ranged tank build. This makes use of void knight equipment but they can also use armadyl or masori too. These builds will level their defence higher usually to 70, 75 or 99, depending on preference.

osrs ranged tank setup
Ranged Tank Stats