OSRS Chaeldar

Chaeldar is a mid-tier slayer master in oldschool runescape. Who can be found in Zanaris near the throne room. Therefore, players will need to have completed the lost city quest to gain access to this master. You will also need to have a combat level of at least 70 or higher to be assigned slayer tasks.

Players who want to complete the Medium Lumbridge & Draynor diary will need to be assigned a task from Chaeldar as part of a task for diary completion.

How to get to Chaeldar?

Chaeldar is found in the fairy city of Zanaris after completion of the Lost City quest. To get to Zanaris you will need to use a fairy ring, simply right click it and select zanaris. Once in the city, go south to the throne room, there you will find Chaeldar.

OSRS How to get to Chaeldar
How to get to Chaeldar

Slayer Points

When completing slayer tasks with Chaeldar you will receive slayer points. Every task completion after your first 5 tasks will reward 10 slayer reward points. Every 10th will be 50 points. You can see a full breakdown for the different task streak rewards below.

OSRS Chaeldar Slayer points per task
Slayer points per task

Task list & Weighting

Best Chaeldar Block List?

When blocking monsters on Chaeldar’s list it is important to think long-term. As you will eventually progress to Nieve and Duradel, you wont want to waste points blocking monsters that aren’t on their list such as cave crawlers. Therefore, blocking high weighted tasks that give slow experience such as Cave Kraken, Hellhounds, Fire Giants and metalic dragons would be good options.

Other Slayer Masters

OSRS has a variety of different slayer masters, each one offers something different. As you progress through the combat levels and slayer levels you will likely want to increase the difficulty. This is why there are currently a total of nine slayer masters in the game. Other slayer masters include: