OSRS Amethyst Mining Guide

Mining Amethyst ore in oldschool runescape is unlocked at level 92 mining. This ore is currently the highest level ore available in the game. Although, unlike traditional ores such as runite and adamantite, it can not be smithed into armour. Instead, Amethyst ores can be crafted into bolt tips, arrow tips, dart tips and javelin heads.

How to get to the Amethyst Mine?

Amethyst crystals can be found exclusively in the Mining Guild. There are two areas to mine them. The first is south-east of the bank chest and the second is directly west of the bank chest. The location west of the bank chest requires the elite Falador diary completion to use it.

To reach the mining guild use one of the following transportation methods:

  • Skills necklace teleport directly to the Mining Guild
  • Falador teleport and head to the most north-eastern building of Falador. Climb down the stairs then go through the entrance to the mining guild doors.
osrs falador map
Amethyst Mine Entrance

Mining success rate

The success rate of mining an ore from one of the Amethyst crystals varies based on your current mining level. At level 92 it starts out with a 3.52% chance, scaling to 4.3% at level 99 mining.

osrs amethyst mining chance

Experience per hour Amethyst Mining

Players can expect very slow experience rates with Amethyst. From levels 92 to 99 expect around 20,000 and 25,000 experience per hour when mining Amethyst. This type of mining is popular for its low levels of intensity and ability to easily afk. Therefore, does not produce competitive experience rates.

Profit per hour

When mining Amethyst ores expect around 300-400k profit per hour.