OSRS Wintertodt Guide

The Wintertodt is a skilling based boss in OSRS, located in northern Great Kourend. Primarily focused on the Firemaking skill, but Herblore, Fletching, Woodcutting and Construction also play a small part in the fight. The only requirement to face the Wintertodt is to have a Firemaking level of at least 50+.

How to get to Wintertodt?

The methods of transportation to the Wintertodt include:

  • Games necklace teleport directly to the Wintertodt (providing you have already visited Great Kourend)
  • Mini-game teleport to Wintertodt
  • Fairy Ring code C-I-S (after paying 80k to Trossa)
osrs how to get to wintertodt
Getting to Wintertodt

Wintertodt Gear Setup

Warm clothing is vital when at Wintertodt to reduce the amount of damage taken from the cold. When you receive pieces of the Pyromancer outfit you can replace existing items with it.

osrs wintertodt warm gear setup
Warm gear Setup for Wintertodt

Inventory Setup

  • Your best useable axe
  • A tinderbox to relight braziers
  • A hammer to repair braziers
  • Rejuvenation potions (1 or 2 at start of round) to heal the Pyromancers
  • A knife to fletch roots (optional)
  • Food


Damages scales dependant on the Hitpoints level and Firemaking level of your character when playing Wintertodt. High to mid level players with high hitpoints should bring high tier food such as 5-7 sharks per game. If soloing on private worlds, then it is advised to bring saradomin brews as they allow multiple sips, healing a much large amount of total hp. Players with very low hitpoints of around 10-20 should bring around 2 Cakes when in mass worlds. These are very good food for low levels as they allow multiple bites.

Players may wish to replace the necklace slot with a phoneix necklace or activate the redemption prayer to restore low health. Hitpoints cape and regen bracelets can also be beneficial to passively restore hitpoints at a faster rate.

Wintertodts Attacks

During the fight the Wintertodt rotates between three types of attacks:

  • Standard attack – Periodic and random damage. Usually every 10-20 seconds, but can land multiple times, rapidly in a row. Frequency of attack is lower if braziers are all maintained adequately.
  • Brazier attack – Snow falls onto the braziers and destroys them. If you are standing next to the brazier you will take damage. You can move out of the way when you see the snowflakes hovering above the brazier.
  • AoE attack – Snow can fall randomly in a 3×3 space. Mechanics to avoid this are the same as the brazier attack, if you see clusters of snowflakes above your location, move away from them.

How to kill the Wintertodt?

  1. Start by chopping the Bruma tree.
  2. When your inventory is full of roots, add them to the brazier immediately if your goal is firemaking experience. If you want more points per round then first fletch them with you knife and then add.
  3. If the brazier is destroyed at any point, repair it with your hammer.
  4. If you are damaged by the Wintertodt while adding roots or kindling to the brazier you will need to click the brazier or you character will be stalled.
  5. When you run out of bruma roots or kindling, repeat the cycle until the Wintertodt has been subdued.

Skilling Experience Rates

  • Chopping burma root – experience equal to 0.3x players Woodcutting level
  • Lighting the brazier – experience equal to 6x players Firemaking level
  • Fletching bruma root into kindling – experience equal to 0.6x players Fletching level
  • Feeding bruma root into the brazier – experience equal to 3x players Firemaking level
  • Freeding bruma kindling into the brazier – experience equal to 3.8x players Firemaking level
  • Fixing a broken brazier – experience equal to 4x players Construction level (only if a PoH is owned)
  • Picking bruma herb – experience equal to 0.1x players Farming level
  • Creating a rejuvenation potion – experience equal to 0.1x players Herblore level
  • Subduing the Wintertodt with a 500 points or more – experience equal to 100x players Firemaking level

Hourly Experience rates at Wintertodt

osrs wintertodt experience rates
Experience Rates at Wintertodt when fletching and not fletching

Wintertodt FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players looking to complete Wintertodt for the first time.

Is Wintertodt worth it?

Yes, Wintertodt offers some of the best Firemaking experience rates in the game. Additionally, it is the only way to get the Pyromancer skilling outfit. Wintertodt is particularly good for low level ironmen too, as the supply creates give a lot of good supplies for new ironmen accounts.

How long does it take to get 99 Firemaking at Wintertodt?

Assuming the use of mass worlds where the average kill time is around 4 minutes. It should take the player around 40 hours to go from level 50 to 99 Firemaking.

How do I get better loot in Wintertodt?

For every 500 points after the initial 500 points, another reeward is added to the create. This is capped at a max of 13,500. So, the best way to increase your loot is to aim for higher point games. Fletching bruma roots into kindling will assist with this.

What HP is best for Wintertodt?

The lower your hitpoints level, the better when playing Wintertodt. 10 Hp is seen as the best for Wintertodt, as the damage scales. So, you can use low tier food such as cakes to easily survive multiple rounds of the Wintertodt.