OSRS Venator Bow

The Venator Bow is a two-handed ranged weapon that requires a minimum of level 80 ranged to equip and can fire any type of arrow. The bow has a passive effect that allows it to attack multiple targets when in a multicombat area. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the bow, from stats to uses and if its a worthwhile investment.

Combat Stats

osrs Venator Bow stats
Venator Bow stats

Passive Effect

The passive effect of the bow requires ancient essence. The bow can be charged with up to 50,000 ancient essence, which represents 50,000 charges, as each attack costs 1 charge.

When charged, the passive effect of the bow allows players to attack multiple targets at once in a multicombat area. This works by firing the arrows at your initial target, the arrow will then bounce off and hit a nearby target. The attack can then bounce again and hit a third target. The target will be hit for up to two-thirds of the original max hit. Additionally, the arrow will only bounce to targets within a two tile radius of the original target.

How to make the Venator Bow?

The Venator Bow is made by combining five Venator Shards. These shards can be obtained by killing the Phantom Muspah.

Venator Bow uses – where is it good?

The Venator Bow is a niche item so its usability is limited. However, some of the locations it can be used at include Barbarian Assault, AFK ranged training at the Nightmare Zone and multicombat slayer training.

Is the Venator Bow worth it?

The Venator Bow is currently an expensive item, so its generally not worth buying it, until you’re at very high levels of wealth. Its uses are extremely niche and there are often much better alternatives anyway, especially if you do already have a large bank. So, in general the Venator Bow is not recommended.