OSRS Phantom Muspah Guide

The Phantom Muspah is a solo boss, unlocked after the full completion of the Secrets of the North quest. It is also fought during the quest and operates similarly to Vorkath. Where the post-quest variant is slightly stronger.

Where to kill Phantom Muspah in OSRS?

osrs salt mine entrance on weiss
Salt Mine Entrance

The Phantom Muspah can be found in Weiss. For players wondering how to get to Weiss, the quickest methods include:

  • Use an Icy Basalt, then run through gap in the fence
  • Weiss teleport in PoH (portal chamber or nexus)
  • Fairy Code D-K-S then run north-west and use Larry’s boat from Rellekka to Weiss.

Upon arrival to Weiss, enter the salt mine, run through the cave until you arrive at Ghorrocks Dungeon then go south.

Gear Setups for Phantom Muspah

Max Gear Setup

osrs phantom muspah max gear setup
Example Max Gear Setup

AFK Gear Setup

osrs phantom muspah afk setup
Example Mid-Tier Setup

Budget Gear Setup

osrs phantom muspah budget setup
Example Budget Setup

Gear Progression for Phantom Muspah

How to kill Phantom Muspah?

Attack Forms

During the kill, the Phantom Muspah will take shape in different forms. This will occur as he reaches a specific percentage of health. When the monster transitions from one form to the next, he will launch a slam attack. When he slams the ground, spikes will rise up around the arena, one of the spikes will be targeted at the player’s location, so be ready to move. Failing to dodge the spikes will knock the player back, deal damage to the player and heal the boss for the damage dealt.

Ranged Form

  • Muspah appears visually green during this form
  • Pray range as the Muspah will attack with ranged
  • Occasionally the Muspah will launch a magical attack. He will do a charge up animation, where it raises both arms in the air and fire energy from its mouth. When the animation begins, pray protect from magic as fast as possible to completely block this attack. Failure to get the correct protection prayer in time will result in damage over 60 hp.

Melee Form

  • Muspah appears visually brown during this form
  • Pray protect from melee as Muspah attacks will be melee based.
  • Damage can still be dealt through your protection prayers, so keep a safe distance from Muspah

Shielded Form

  • Appears similar to the range phase, only reinforced with a shield like aura
  • Form will revert back to range form when shield is removed
osrs phantom muspah forms

Strategy for the Fight

The starting form for the Muspah is random, but can only be range or melee. So, once you see which of its forms it is, pray accordingly. During the fight, the boss can do one of two special attacks:

  • Homing Spikes – The Phantom Muspah will slam the ground. Between 2 and 4 spikes will rise up under and around the players location. These spikes will harden and stay in place for the remainder of the fight. Players can use previously hardened spikes to block new, incoming homing spikes in the future.
  • Charged Clouds – The Muspah will teleport around the arena, leaving behind charged clouds that travel around the area. This is a similar mechanic to the one seen while fighting Akkha. Getting hit by one of the orbs will cause a loss of 20 hp. When the attack is finished, the Phantom Muspah will always re-appear to the north-east of the arena.
osrs phantom muspah strategies

Shielded phase

At 150 hit points, the Muspah will teleport itself to the arenas centre. It will unleash a huge shockwave, engulfing the entire arena. This attack can deal up to 80 damage if the player does not avoid it by standing behind a spike. It will then change into it shielded form, with Soul Split and a prayer shield activated.

The shield must be destroyed and has 75 health, which gets drained by 2 after each attack. 50% of all damage inflicted by the Phantom Muspah will also heal the Muspah. Using smite can speed up the draining of its shield, but, to do this you need to ensure you are attacking on a different tick to the Muspah. Allowing you to change back to protection prayers for its attack.

During this phase, use a crossbow with enchanted sapphire bolts (or their stronger dragon version). As they have a high activation chance and an drain around 33 prayer from the shield.

After the shield is depleted, the boss will return to ranged form and launch a large number of spikes on the players location.

Example Kill

Phantom Muspah FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players looking to kill Phantom Muspah for the first time.

Is Phantom Muspah worth killing?

Yes, the Phantom Muspah offers consistent profit per hour. With gp rates similar to that of Zulrah and Vorkath. The Ancient Icon and Venator Shard also provide additional gp in the form of rare uniques. Each are used to create the Venator Bow and Ancient Sceptre respectively. While alchables, skilling resources and Ancient Essence make up the bulk of the profits.

Where is Phantom Muspah safe spot tile during shadow phase?

During the shadow phase, players can stand 6 tiles north of the stalagmite on the southern wall. This is shown in the image below. Keep in mind this only works with a weapon that has a range of 10, like the Twisted Bow or Bofa.

osrs phantom muspah safe spot